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Pizza Express makes a great start to any stag night out in Bristol. The food is modestly priced and everyone can choose something from the extensive menu. With its central location is a no brainer for any group of Stags
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Stag meal at pizza express Bristol

When the moon hits the fly like a big pizza pie….. I think I may have got the song just a wee bit wrong there. But one thing I know I am right about is that this is the pizza place you need to stop at for your main meal before you guys hit the pubs and clubs for a night of mayhem!

Key Features

We all know that for the most part a stag do ends up with you guys going around town partaking in a few beers, shots and god knows what else along the way. But before that one of the best things that you can do for the groom is to get together and book a nice meal where you can sit down, relax, chat and in general take the piss out of each other before you are all wasted later in the evening.

The main problem you have when looking for a place to have your main meal. Is that there is always that one awkward sod who claims that they do not like this and that they do not like that. Well that is where Pizza Express comes into play. I mean let’s face it is there a person out there who does not at the very least like one style of pizza. Even the most awkward and fussiest of your friends is sure to at the least like a plain cheese and tomato pizza.

While the menu is clearly all pizza based, the name of the joint is Pizza Express after all! You still do get three courses here of a starter, main and a tasty dessert. Your starters are all in a way pizza based which is pretty cool. Garlic bread, garlic bread mozzarella style and these awesome dough balls. For your main course you have just an amazing range of pizza’s to pick from classics like Margherita and peperoni are here as well as some more adventurous style pizzas such as American Hot, Sloppy Giuseppe, Four Seasons and Giardiniera. The selection is really diverse and there literally is something for everyone here. As far as the desserts go your sweet tooth will be well an taken care of with a delicious chocolate fudge cake as well as some others! They do not serve beers here, but there is a few wines to pick from if you simply must have an alcoholic beverage with your pizza. And of course there are plenty of soft drinks for you guys to choose from.

Reasons Why A Pizza Restaurant Is A Great Stag Do Event

With a ton of pizza choices you can have your old favourite or try something new and exciting.

Pizza Express offers a great meal at a very reasonable price which means more money for booze!

The perfect way to start your stag night is with a nice and tasty pizza!

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