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With this assault course your Stags can either push it to the limit or just go with the flow and have a laugh. Either way it is a joy to watch the Stag fall into the muddy water- shame!
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Assault Course For Bristol Stags

Either push yourself to the limit so you are the man here or you can just go with the flow and have a blast. Either way this assault course here in Bristol is the perfect stag do event for you and your mates!

Key Features

I am pretty sure that the majority of your stag party will have at least one point in their life done some kind of assault course. A popular method for getting soldiers into shape, the assault course is also a really fun stag do event where you and your friends can get very wet and caked in mud, but also have fun giving the groom a stag do he will always remember.

While this assault course has of course been designed to be a great deal of fun. It has also been built to serve as something that has a competitive edge. You see this assault course is really cool in that it has two parallel courses. So you will be racing against another person at the exact same time. This makes for an even more intense assault course. And one where even those of you who like to think you are not to competitive will get the eye of the tiger and want to win.

You will have to do things such as climb walls, go through tunnels and get covered in mud. There is even a rope bridge that sees you need to cross over water! Guess what happens if you fall off? Yep that is right your ass gets soaking wet my friend, but it’s all in great fun. There is a great variety to this assault course and I am sure there will be some events you breeze through and then there will also be those where you just flat out suck, but rather than getting frustrated you will just laugh and have a great time.

An instructor will give you a little advice and knowledge on how to do the various events. But to be fair for the most part it’s not exactly rocket science and I am sure you will figure it out. One thing that is awesome is the instructor will take into account how fit the people in your stag group are and set the teams and events accordingly. So everyone here will have a fair chance. As much fun as the actual assault course is. Another part of the fun comes after. And by this I am talking about when you are in the pub after and the winning team has all the bragging right and gets to make the losers get in the first round. No matter if you win or lose you will have a great time and be glad you did this as your stag do event.

The time it will take in total is about 2 and half to 3 hours. You will certainly want to bring a change of clothes and footwear. They will provide some safety equipment, but you will get very wet and very dirty! You can have a maximum of 32 people in your stag group, but the minimum is 8.

Reasons Why An Assault Course Is A Great Stag Do Event

They cater to people of all fitness levels and will work around this.

Get muddy and wet and in general just have a great laugh as you watch your friends fall in water, fail to climb up stuff and get covered in mud.

Team based assault course means that there is a fun competitive edge here.

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