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Caving is such a great day out for a Stag party in Bristol. Totally different. A mixture of suspense drama and exhilaration. Experience a whole new world underground.
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Caving for Stags in Bristol

Even for those of you who like to think you have done everything under the sun, I am sure that caving is something which will blow you mind and make for the most exciting and memorable stag do event imaginable!

Key Features

I am sure when most of you guys think of caving one of the first things that will end up jumping into your head will be images of people squeezing through tight spaces, deep under the earth! Well caving is not what it looks like in the movies and what we have here is one of the most fun and unique stag do events in Bristol. You will go into the earth and see some just awe inspiring sights. I am sure even those of you who are not easily impressed will have to lift your jaw of the floor.

You may be worried about spaces so tight that Kate Moss wold not fit through them. Or that you do not like tight spaces at all! But this is a place that the guides who will be with you have been through a million times and it’s a caving system that is for beginners. While there will be the odd tight squeeze here and there this is not a place that is just for the super fit or really skinny. It has a cave that is perfect for people who have never done this type of thing before. So if you are a little on the big side and not to fit do no worry. You will have a guide with you at all times to help you through any areas you have a tough time with.

Caving is like being in some kind of adventure movie. While there is nothing dangerous here you will still need to shimmy through tight areas, get on your stomach and crawl! Go through the mud, climb and there is even the possibility to do a little abseiling and swimming underground as well! Just make sure you tell them you want to do this when you book! Caving is just such a great day out and totally different from your average stag do event. One thing is for sure this is something the groom will never forget!

Now the guides that who will assist you on your caving adventure are total pros and before you even set off underground you will be well prepared. They will give you all an over suit which will be worn over your clothes to protect you. And these also have a belt which kind of double as a handle so people can grab onto you to help you out or you help them. You will also of course be given a helmet with a bright light so that you can not only see where you are going, but see some of the amazing sites under ground.

You are looking at three hours total for your time here this includes your safety prep and getting your equipment. While this is not just for the super fit, you will get a great workout doing this and feel like a million bucks afterwards…… and also very sore. You need to have at least 4 people in your group and a maximum of 16.

Reasons Why Caving In Bristol Is A Great Stag Do Event

You will be amazed at just how cool these underground caves are!

An experienced and really cool guide will make sure that you are not only safe, but also having a great time.

While caving is a physical activity, here it is more about a group of guys having a great time together.

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