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You and your stag group will laugh your way through this amazing activity - you will whack, wobble, chuck and chase your way through 9 games with the help of the farmer and the minxy milk maids
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What the hell is this? I can hear you saying to your screen. This is the ultimate stag do event. If you want to just let lose , have some fun and make sure the groom has a big smile on his face then you need to take part in the crazy games!

Key Features

Crazy games is kind of like a primary school sports day……. Only if your primary school sports day was full of debauchery and sexual innuendos. You will have a crazy farmer as a host to help lead you to the different events and he will be accompanied by the sexy milk maids. The whole thing sounds like some kind of crazy adult oriented Total Wipe Out style show and that is a great way to think of it. At the end of the day prizes will be given out and they will make sure that the groom gets some special attention.

The day will see you take part in 9 different events these are. The Cider Run, You ned to down a pint of cider then run as fast and as far as you can before the bungee cord pulls you back. Pitchfork Duel, Pitchfork Duelling was used back in the olden days to settle disputes such as when one farmer would get a little too friendly with another farmers sheep! You guys will battle it out gladiators style with big inflatable pitchforks. Wurzel Knockout, You get to do a national service here by taking down the Wurzel’s use apples to smash them right in the mouth and knock those teeth out! Tractor Tire Rolling, this one sees you needing to work as a team as you move a huge ass tractor tire from one end to the other.

Vicky Pollard Handbags, celebrate the inner chav that is inside you by beating your mate to death with your chavy handbag! Welly Wanging, The old timey classic event, where you throw wellies at targets. Drunk Pub Skittles, who needs a bowling alley and even real pins when you have drunk pub skittles. Mangold Dangling, this one is nuts let’s just say it involves cider kegs and your mates on them…. Enough said. Farmers Shower, this one is for the main man, the groom. He sits in the Tractor Seat and it’s up to you if he gets covered in the dirty water! A you can see there is a great variety of events that are all just crazy and fun. At the end of the event prizes will be given out to those of you who were the best…….. or worst.

You are looking at about three hours of fun here and make sure that you all have some old trainers and a change of clothes as you will get very dirty. They can provide a special costume for the groom which is pretty fun. You need to have a minimum of 8 people in your stag party and the two start times that are available are 10:30 and then 13:00.

Reasons Why Crazy Games Is A Great Stag Do Event

Its known as the crazy games for a reason, this is one of the most over the top, nuts and fun ways to spend a stag do!

While everyone will have a great time, the groom in particular will be taken especially gr care of to make sure he has a great day.

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10:30 13:30

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