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Anyone can balance on a plank of wood on the floor but can you be quite so confident 50 feet up in the air? this High ropes challenge will push your Stags to the mental limits. Who will buckle first?
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High Ropes for Bristol Stags

Now here is something a little different, but really cool. If you have been looking for a physical activity for your stag group, but one that is fun, exciting, scary and will push you to the mental and physical limits then this Bristol, high ropes course is for you guys.

Key Features

These days if you ask me no stag do is complete without a really cool event during the festivities. And in Bristol this one stands up above the rest. And I am talking literally here! Have you ever had to walk along a really thin wooden beam that just so happens to be around fifty feet in the air? Well I will take a guess that the answer is no, but now you can thanks to this what really is an obstacle course that is set high up in the trees above the ground!

Now this is an event that no doubt on the drive to it the one guy in your stag group who actually goes to the gym more than once a week will be acting all big talking about how he is going to smash this course. Well actually being physically fit is a big part of getting through this. As you are going to have to use your upper body strength to pull yourself up and use your leg to make crazy leap of faith style jumps. But the real thing that is going to get you through this and maybe even make you the fastest is your nerves. You see you may think you are strong and can easily climb up a net, but climbing up a net that is hanging high above the ground is a totally different matter!

There are many different obstacles that will test you here. The balancing beam that is fifty feet in the air is just freaking terrifying, but once you get to the other side you will get a real rush! Also there is a trapeze that you need to jump to from a pole! Its sounds crazy and hard, because it is crazy and hard. You never know what this course is going to throw at you and coming up with the best way to tackle an obstacle is a huge part of the fun.

Of course with anything that is set fifty feet up in the air some people may be a little worried about safety. Well do not be. You see the guys here are at the top of their game when it comes to safety and as well as getting a safety briefing you will be getting all the latest safety equipment to make sure you are having fun, but in as safe a way as possible.

This is pretty easy to find and its just 15 minutes away (give or take) from the famous climbing centre in Bristol. The max amount of people you can have in your stag group is 36 with the minimum being 8. You are looking at three hours of nonstop action here!

Reasons Why High Ropes Course Is A Great Stag Do Event

This is a great mix of both physical and mental toughness.

It’s a pretty surreal experience to be on an obstacle course that is “floating” fifty feet up in the air.

You can see who is the main man when it comes to beating the course in the quickest time.

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