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Don't miss the chance to show the Stag how much you think of him by shooting him in the back at this great paintballing site outside Bristol. Hilarious action packed idea for a Stag Do
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One of the most special ways you can show the groom how happy you are for him to be getting married is by shooting him in the back….. at close range with a paintball gun. Paintballing is a classic of a stag do event and this is the best place to do it in Bristol!

Key Features

When you think about it paintball is kind of like us guys playing cowboys and Indians, aliens and soldiers or whatever it was you used to play when you were kids. Only now you actually get to shoot your friends with something that has a little bit of power behind it. Paintballing is just such a great day out and a perfect way to have some fun with your friends before the big day. If you are looking for a stag do event that is fun and gets you guys all having a great time together then you will have a very hard time finding something cooler than paintballing.

Paintballing has evolved over the years and this place in Bristol is making sure they are right up there with the very best. This is not just you guys running around the woods for a few hours, randomly shooting at each other! There are actual game scenarios that you will be given which you need to play out. So once you have been put into your teams you will most likely have one team as the attackers and one team as the defenders. This makes there an actual point to the day and more importantly it ensures that there is a clear winner at the end of the day. And the winning team should and will be covered in glory…… and probably a lot of mud and paint as well.

Paintballing is actually far more than just randomly shooting at random things. You need to actually think before you shoot here as your paintball gun can only hold so much paint. So the last thing you want to do is waste a ton of ammo and then be caught by the enemy. The team who will win will be the team that gets their tactics right. It’s pretty much a guarantee that every stag group will have that one guy who thinks he is The Terminator and will try and go it alone. But that is nothing a few paintballs to the chest won’t fix. One really cool thing is that they have these safe smoke grenades that you can use to try and flush your opponents out. You want to feel like a real bad ass? Then use one of these!

Once you arrive the guys here will kit you up and make sure that you know all the do’s and do not’s of paintballing so that you can have a fun, but safe day of action. You do need to have at least six people in your stag group to make a booking and for the whole event you are looking at about three hours.

Reasons Why Paintballing Is A Great Stag Do Event

Paintballing is just great fun plain and simple, so grab your gun and shoot your buddies!

With clear scenarios you always know what you need to do in each game you play.

All the kit you need from protective wear to weapons is provided.

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