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Tear up the the track and whatever else gets in your way as your bunch of Stags rip round on these powerful quad bikes. Feel the burn as you wrestle the quads round the tight bends
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Quad Biking- Bristol

Tear up the mud, grass and whatever else gets in your way as you get to grips with the latest and greatest quad bikes here in Bristol. You and the rest of the stag group will have an awesome time here!

Key Features

Quad biking is a great stag do activity and has been one of the main activities of many stag do’s since, well since quad bikes were invented. The reason for this is that a quad bike is a really powerful machine, but at the same time you do not have to be Lewis Hamilton to be able to actual drive one around the track. Still being able to ride a quad bike and being able to get through the obstacle course on one are totally different matters!

This is not some random place that bought a few quad bikes out of the paper and decided to open up a quad biking centre. You will be riding on the very latest and best quad bikes. You will be straddling the very powerful 200cc Polaris quad bike which was released in 2012 and if you ask many people has yet to be beaten when it comes to a combination of being a joy to handle and its power. One cool thing about these are the brakes. I know you are thinking that who the hell wants to break. And when you are tearing it up and going fast that is fair enough. But there are some sections of this course that require some precision movements and then you will be thankful of the front breaks. Which work even in the pouring down rain! These in general are just a real joy to ride.

The track or course if you prefer that you will be riding on is around 450m in length. The course has some sections that will let you really pull back on the throttle and let loose so you can see how fast these bad boys go. But there are also some sections that have tires on the floor which make for some tricky handling situations and moments where you need to really think before you tackle that corner.

Before you are able to go on the track you will be given your gear, some safety information and then you will take part in a little skills session so that you can learn how these quad bikes handle and so that the guys running the place can get an idea of what your skill level is. Once you have “graduated” then you will be able to go on the course. Here you will sort of be in a convoy of six quad bikes on the track at any one time. The instructors are always on hand to make sure that you know what you are doing and to give a few tips on how to tackle the more tricky parts of the course.

You need to have at least six people in your stag group to make a booking. They do offer special deals quite often so always ask when you ring if they have any special offers on! You are looking at about an hour

Reasons Why Quad Biking Is A Great Stag Do Event

You get to ride the latest and greatest quad bikes!

A tremendously designed course for you to test your skill.

Fun and friendly staff will ensure you have a great time.

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