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Sounds easy doesn't it to build a raft out of wood ropes and barrels. But will your group of stags still be confident that it will float as they climb onboard for the launch- hilarious outcomes guaranteed
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Stag Do Raft Building in Bristol

Now is the chance for you and your stag group to build a raft and get yourselves off this god forsaken rock!

Key Features

Ok admit it more than a few of you clicked this page out of curiosity more than anything else, but your curiosity has served you well my friend as you have found one of the best stag do events in the whole Bristol area! This is just so much fun and I guarantee you two things will happen during your raft building adventure. Number 1 you will have a fantastic time and Number B you will all get absolutely soaking wet!

So is this really what it sounds like? Well yes. Your stag group will be split into teams. The size of the teams of course depends on how many of you there are. If you have a relatively small stag group you can opt to build just the one. The people who run this are some kind of raft building ninjas, the kind of blokes who you know if they were stuck on an island they would be able to build a speed boat out of some coconuts and a palm tree. These guys will……. Not build the raft for you! They will help you when it comes to tying tight and proper knots, but they will not build the raft for you guys. They may offer the odd hint and tip, but your rafts buoyance is all down to you guys. They will show you a few examples of how to build a raft before you start and it’s up to you if you want to use them as an inspiration or just use your own skills and I use the term skills loosely.

Once you have built the raft then it’s time to test just how good a job you guys did. The two rafts that you have built will then take part in a head to head race where the winning team gets to pull up a locked box from the water and get the amazing contents that are inside. The losing team gets to swim back to shore after their raft has no doubt sunk or collapsed into a million pieces. It’s not that uncommon for the losing team to actual board the winning teams raft and try to throw them all overboard! As you can see this is just such a great day out and the perfect way to have some fun during your stag weekend.

The most people that can take part in this stag do event are 15 with the minimum being just 4. You are looking at about three hours total time here. Of course you are going to get very wet and they will provide you with plenty of safety equipment, but make sure you bring a change of clothes.

Reasons Why Raft Building Is A Great Stag Do Event

Building a raft is a great deal of fun and you get to explore your creative side.

Watching your buddies raft sink is funny as hell.

Even being on your own raft as it sinks to the bottom of the water is a fun time.

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