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Just what is the Bristol Stag team challenge. Apart from tearing round the town like demented chickens, it is a combination of orienteering, lateral thinking and finding treasures
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Bristol Stag Team Challenge

The Urban Challenge is a great way for your stag group to have a blast by running around Bristol taking part in all kind of physical and mental challenges!

Key Features

Ok so I know that the name Urban Challenge may fill your mind with a picture of a Mad Max style post-apocalyptic world, but the back drop for this is actually the Bristol Harbour and its surrounding area. The whole point of this kind of stag do event is to get you guys working together, having fun and as you are split into teams you will also be competing against each other. In all its just a really fun and crazy way to spend the day before you hit the pubs and clubs in the evening.

So what on earth is the Urban Challenge? Well if you have seen TV shows like Crystal Maze, The Krypton Factor and even Takeshi’s Castle then you will have a fairly good idea of what to expect here. You see your team will have a starting point where you will have to complete some kind of task. It can be a physical task that requires say brute strength or agility or it very well could be a mental task that will require you guys to pull you heads out of your rear ends and come up with a cunning way to solve a puzzle. Each task that you complete will lead you to the next one until you have completed it all and hopefully scored enough points to ensure that your team is the winning one!

The Urban Challenge will see at least two teams competing against each other trying to score points, 99/100 the challenge will start around the Bristol Harbour and from there you will make your way through different areas, but none are that far away from you starting point so do not worry about that. There can only be one winning team here and no one wants to be on the losing side, especially when you are in the pub after. So make sure you are ready for the challenges ahead!

One really cool thing about the Urban Challenge is that they are really quite flexible. So if your stag group has a bunch of guys who like to do things that are more physical. Then you can get them to set it up so that it includes some bonus, more physical challenges. Things lie abseiling, canoeing and even climbing can all be added to make the Urban Challenge an even more cool experience for your stag group.

You are looking at about four hours from start to finish to complete the Urban Challenge and you will need to have a minimum of six people in your stag group in order to make a booking.

Reasons Why Urban Challenge Is A Great Stag Do Event

You and your stag group get to test both your physical and mental strength.

Adding extras such as abseiling and canoeing is really easy to do!

The fact there is only one winner makes this a really competitive, but fun event.

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