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With this zipwire challenge your Stags will get the chance to do something really crazy, hurtling through the air at speed, screaming blue murder. Are you man enough for it?
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Zip Wire Challenge

If you are looking for an event for your stag group where you get to do something a little crazy, out there and just a whole loadof fun. Then climb up high and take a leap of faith with this amazing zip wire adventure.

Key Features

I know that when you tell everyone about the zip wire adventure you have booked there will be at least one guy who tells you that he has been on a zip wire before. What he won’t tell you is that it was when he was 10, at his local park and his feet barely left the ground. This is not that kind of zip wire…….. well it kind of is you are still hanging on and flying along a wire. It’s just hear you are up as high as the freaking trees and the zip wire that you are on goes so fast there is a chance that you may get a speeding ticket!

Even the very brave may feel a little apprehensive as they climb up the ladder to reach the platform from which they will be leaping. You see this ladder while from the ground may not seem like a big deal, but once you start to climb it feels like it goes on forever. Let me tell you more than a few people have had to the climb of shame and come back down the ladder because they could not jump!

Once you reach the platform at the top of the trees trying to get the nerve to jump can be quite tough. Some people are just naturally nuts and they will fly up the ladder and leap right off the platform without a second thought. Some of us though even though we may think we are brave, take a few moments to build up to leaping off into what seems like the big unknown. These zip lines also can pick up some crazy speed. You will be flying through the trees at speeds of around 25 mph! And once you jump that is it, you just have to let go and enjoy the ride. While the first jump may be terrifying. The second, third, fourth and however many you do after that will give you a real rush and you will having an absolute blast.

Climbing up a huge ass ladder and leaping off into the trees may sound crazy, but I assure you this is safe. You will be connected to a safety harness before you even climb up the tree. You are always 100 percent safe, but that does not make this any less terrifying. The instructors will help give you some motivation and courage to make your first jump…… but the fact your mates will most likely be shouting a bunch of abuse at you will kind of make their advice not sink in! But hey it’s all in good fun.

You are looking at about two hours of zip line action and you can have a maximum of 12 people in your stag group and a minimum of 6 when you make a booking.

Reasons Why Zip Wire is A Great Stag Do Event

You get to fly through the trees at speeds of up to 25 mph!

That first jump you make is a real test of your nerves.

Above all else this is just a really fun way for your stag group to spend a couple of hours together.

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