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Bristol Stag Weekends

Here are some top reasons to book your Bristol Stag with StagDoParty

  • Let us, the party experts take care of every little detail!
  • The best activities and best locations are what we do
  • We offer great prices so no emptying the bank account!
  • Cool stales staff will sort any queries you have
  • We have activities that are as cheap as £10 per person!

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Money Saving Bristol Stag Do Packages

Bristol on a Budget

SAVE £15
No excuses from your mates - everybody can come and join in the fun at these prices ► 2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry and Nightclub Entry.
  • Location: Bristol
  • Paintball Havoc

    SAVE £25
    A weekend of entertainment in Bristol. Pick your mates carefully as they may turn on you at the Paintball!!! ► 2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry and Paintball.
  • Location: Bristol
  • Karting Capers

    SAVE £25
    Can you drive faster than your mates...prove it!!!!! A great weekend away ► 2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry on both nights and Go Karting.
  • Location: Bristol
  • 12 of The Best

    SAVE £30
    Check out the twelve great reasons to book this weekend package in Bristol- be aware the bananas might join you ► 2 nights accommodation, 2 course meal on both nights, Casino, Nightclub Entry on both nights, Rage Buggies, Hovercrafts, Air Rifles and Archery and a Lap Dancing Club Entry.
  • Location: Bristol
  • Why Should We Have Our Stag Do In Bristol?

    I once read that Bristol is kind of like a mini version of London, but as well as being a bit smaller it is a little more laid back and has a hell of a lot less pretentious asses! And best of all, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. The first thing that will probably blow your mind here in Bristol is the amount of bars. Its freaking crazy and you literally cannot turn around without seeing a place to grab a pint. Add to this the wild night life and the awesome things you can do during the day and you soon see why Bristol is such a stag party hotspot.

    Bristol has a different bar what seems like every 50 yards- Cheers!

    If you want a little animal magic then Bristol is home to one of the oldest zoos in the UK. Bristol Zoo is awesome and has many cool animals. You get a real sense that you could actually be eaten here at any minute. One of the most amazing sites is the Clifton Bridge .Even for you people ignorant to architecture and culture will be mind blown at how cool this bridge is. The SS Great Britain is just an awe inspiring sight and even if boats are not your thing, this is a cool selfie opportunity for you maniacs!

    Guide to Bristol

    I love this Student Guide to Bristol- Check it out for sport-culture and things to do in Bristol- Loads of useful links here as well

    Cool Places To Eat, Shop & See

    As far as eating goes Bristol has a ton of fast food joints, but there are also places to go for a nice meal. For a nice lunch (or maybe main meal) Bells Diner has plenty of nice food, good drinks and a cool laid back setting. As this is a stag do, you guys may want to do something special so have a nice evening meal at the Glass Boat, high class and just really cool. At some point during your stag weekend you must go to Pie Minister .This is the most amazing pie shop in the UK , not just in Bristol.

    Bristol has many cool places to buy a new shirt for your stag night or maybe a clean pair of pants, hey I am not judging or asking any questions, why you need new pants is your business. Anyway there are plenty of places to shop. The two main places are the weird as hell sounding Cabot Circus and The Galleries.

    If you want a little “normal” evening entertainment then Bristol has you covered. They have a huge ass 13 screen Showcase Cinema or if you want a little competitive action why not come to The Lanes and have a few beers, some nachos and a game of bowling.

    Bristol has some great casinos- Why not Compare them here!

    How The Hell Do We Get To Bristol?

    Bristol is a really popular place these days and the last few years has seen it really ascend in popularity. It has an airport, railway station and a huge bus station, so getting here by public transport (is flying classed as public transport?) is no problem at all. And if one of you is the designated driver then getting here by car is also very easy - the M4 and M5 are your friends here- that is all I will say. So no matter your method, hell you could be on a freaking camel, you will get here eventually!

    How To Have Fun During The Day

    Bristol just has a shit load of things to do for a stag weekend. I could honestly list a good 20 things to do and that would still not be it all. Well here are just a few of the gems that this city has to offer any group of stags!

    Bubble Football has taken the world by storm! This is now one of the most popular stag do events all over the country. Even if you are not a football nut or don’t even like watching football you will still love this. Bubble Football sees you needing to use your Ronaldo shooting ability, Messi dribbling ability and your Sergio Ramos defensive prowess. Well you can use all these things, but as you are in a bubble they will not do you much good! If you want to tackle someone here, you just slam into them and watch them flop around the floor in their bubble. No matter if you love or hate football, you are in for a fun time here.

    Whatever you do- Don't look down- too late. Help!

    High ropes courses are really popular with stag parties who come to Bristol! A high ropes course is what it sounds like! You will be in some safety gear, but the real thing you need to overcome here is your nerves! This is not about how fit you are, it is how you can keep your bottle as you walk across planks that are 20 feet in the air. Make crazy jumps that feel like you are going to die! And even go on a fast zip line. A high ropes course is a really fun activity that will see you being able to laugh at your mates who chicken out unless of course it is you!

    If you want a stag do event that is crazy, memorable and different from all the rest, then you guys have to sign up for the Bristol Urban Challenge. What is the Bristol Urban Challenge? Well think of it as a huge ass scavenger hunt around the city. You will need to climb, look, jump and even get in the freaking river! You will also need to use your brain and think about how to solve some of the problems that are thrown your way. There will be a least two teams competing for the prize here! So make sure everyone pulls their weight so you can be the winners.

    Have part of your Stag day underground Caving in the Cheddar Gorge

    Bristol is home to all kinds of crazy little secrets and this caving adventure will let you see a different side of the city. You will need to climb, crawl and squeeze your body through areas of this amazing cave. This is a great stag do activity and will really make you feel like a true action man by the end of the day. You will have a highly trained and experienced guide with you to make sure your X-Treme Caving Adventure is not just safe, but you also get to see all kinds of cool stuff.

    Awesome Things You Can Do At Night!

    Bristol has just a crazy nightlife. All the lovely ladies seem to flock to this place like salmon, flocking to….. where ever salmon flock to. Anyway here is just a little taste of what you can do here on a good stag night!

    Can I get an Oh yeahhhhhhh! Central Chambers is the best lap dancing club in Bristol and that is saying something! They have nothing, but the sexiest ladies here, some from other parts of the world. Pole dancing, stage shows, private dances and fully nude dancing are all available here. In all this is just a really cool club and a group of stags will have a tremendous evening here. No place has late entertainment like Central Chambers.

    Bristol is home to just a ton of great nightclubs so picking just a few is always tough, but we will start with the multi award winning Pryzm. The vibe here is just of the chain (do the cool kids still say that?) with some really funky decor and weird places to sit. This is one of those clubs where it’s great to just kick back with your favourite drink and admire the pretty ladies. Or you can get your ass on the floor, show your moves and impress……… or horrify the chicks. Oh and by the way by booking with us there is no standing out in the pissing rain next to some Hulk sized bouncer. We get you on the guest list so you roll right on in.

    Guide to Taxis in Bristol

    Here is a useful guide to most of the taxis in Bristol with reviews-Don't get ripped off any more!

    Revolution is a really popular nightclub in Bristol. This place is just freaking huge and has multiple areas where your stag party can find their own little nook and take it over for the night. Revolution is pretty neat in that there is a really awesome outside area that you guys can take a drink and hang out there. Let me tell you the ladies love to drink out here. What many people come here for though is the huge main area that has a just ridiculously huge dance floor, huge ass screens and pumping tunes! A great night is guaranteed at Revolution.

    Look I know that a stag weekend needs to have plenty of pub and club stops, but you guys need a little entertainment as well. The Comedy Box has had people laughing their asses off since the early 90’s. You get to see some really cool comedy acts with some you will have heard of and others who are just starting out. No matter what, you are in for a riot of a time here, which is the perfect set up before you hit the streets of Bristol!




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