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Check out the twelve great reasons to book this weekend package in Bristol- be aware the bananas might join you ► 2 nights accommodation, 2 course meal on both nights, Casino, Nightclub Entry on both nights, Rage Buggies, Hovercrafts, Air Rifles and Archery and a Lap Dancing Club Entry.
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Bristol Dirty Dozen Stag Weekend

Now if you want a stag weekend that has everything planned for you guys and will take you from just one cool activity to the next then this is for you. This was carefully put together by some top scientists in a lab somewhere to ensure that you guys have the best stag weekend that is humanly possible. If you want to be able to just book something and then do it without all the BS then this is what you need to do!

What’s The Deal?

2 Nights Multi Occupancy Accommodation

Friday, Meal

Friday, Casino

Friday, Nightclub

Saturday, Rage Buggies

Saturday, Hovercraft Riding

Saturday, Shooting & Archery

Saturday, Meal

Saturday, Lap Dancing Club

Saturday, Nightclub

Key Features

Holy crap is this a jam packed stag weekend. From the moment you check into your hotel room, we have you guys very busy. There is something on this stag weekend for everyone! We have made sure to include some great nightclubs and a lap dancing club which are staples of any good stag do. But we have made sure to include some great and fun activities such as rage buggy racing, hovercraft riding and even shooting and archery! So this is the only stag weekend package that lets you eat, dance, check out hot chicks, drive cool vehicles and even shoot stuff! This is the manly man’s stag package!

Accommodation: For you to rest your head on a Friday and Saturday night we have some really nice multi occupancy rooms for you boys. Now do not worry as these will only be used by you guys so there is no sharing with some random people. If you want you can arrange with us to have single rooms, but these will be available at an extra cost.

Friday, Meal: To start your stag weekend we have arranged a great meal for you guys. This is the perfect way to get together and have some fun before you are all horribly wasted over the next few days. It’s also perfect to remember why you are here, to celebrate one of your mates upcoming wedding.

Friday, Casino: Once your full of food and of course have a few beers in you. Then it’s on to our first stag event for you guys. You will be going to Bristol’s Casino. This is a great place and you can try your hand at many games such as blackjack, poker and of course slots. There are many games for you guys to play here and try and win some big money. If gambling is not your thing then there is a nice bar here where you can grab a drink and watch your buddies do a little gambling.

Friday, Nightclub: Bristol is home to some of the coolest nightclubs in the UK. With Bristol being so popular a group of guys actually getting into a nightclub is near impossible. But thanks to us, all you guys will be on the guest list. So that means there is no standing out in the line, freezing cold and having a let’s just say heated discussion with the bouncers. You just tell them your name and you walk right in.

Saturday Day: Your Saturday is just a balls to the wall day where you will be going from one thing to the next. This is just flat out awesome and even if you are a little on the hung over side you will be ready for action in no time. The Rage Buggies that you will be racing in are just so freaking cool. These are like go karts that have taken a whole bunch of steroids and you and a mate will get to race on a really cool track. As well as this you get to drive a hovercraft. How cool is that? Hover crafting is something that not many of us get to do and it’s a damn shame as it’s just so much fun! This certainly will make your stag weekend very memorable. And also as well as riding and driving you get to shoot things! You get to handle some big guns and blow away some clays which makes you feel like a real big man! Also you get to try your hand in archery.

As you can see this Saturday is just action packed and to keep members of your stag group standing around with their fingers up their butts. You may be split up to keep everyone active during the day. In all this is just so cool and all of these activities are just a ton of fun. They also all have a competitive edge you can have some kind of iron man competition going during the day to see who the ultimate man is.

Saturday Night Meal: To help you relax after your crazy ass day of driving and shooting we will arrange another top of the line meal for you boys. This is a cool way to reflect on the day’s events and rest up a little before you hit the town for another wild night.

Saturday, Lap Dancing Club: Once you are well fed and rested its time to hit Central Chambers. This is one of the best lap dancing clubs in Bristol and is home to just nothing, but sexy women. They have a great range of topless and nude women who will perform stage shows and some very sexy pole dancing. This is a great club and the perfect way to send the main man off into his new married life.

Saturday, Nightclub: Now your pants may be a little tighter after your adventures in the lap dancing club, but your night is not over yet! Now you get to go to another top Bristol nightclub and party the night away. Once again you will be on the guest list so there is no waiting outside wasting valuable drinking time.

Reasons Why This Is A Great Stag Weekend

This is the ultimate stag weekend where everything things is planned for you, no hassle at all and a great price for the whole weekend.

From driving to checking out naked women, this is the stag weekend designed for men by men.

A nonstop thrill ride this is 

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