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Can you drive faster than your mates...prove it!!!!! A great weekend away ► 2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry on both nights and Go Karting.
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Karting Capers Bristol Stag Weekend

To save you guys time, hassle and money we have come up with a truly awesome stag weekend for you boys. Look no one wants to be sat at the computer for ages putting together the perfect stag weekend. It’s boring as hell! Well if you book our Karting Capers stag weekend package you get your accommodation sorted, some intense go karting action and you also get into the hottest lap dancing cub and nightclubs as well!

What’s The Deal?

2 Nights Multi Occupancy Accommodation

Friday, (evening) Lap Dancing Club

Friday, (night) Nightclub Entry

Saturday, (daytime) Go Kart Time Baby!!!!!

Saturday, (night) Nightclub Entry

Key Features

As you can see this is an all in one action packed stag weekend! This is kind of like a Mc Donald’s Happy Meal of a stag do, but instead of looking at some crapy toy you get to look at smoking hot chicks in one of Bristol’s best lap dancing clubs. You get two nights accommodation in a pretty nice hotel As well as this your package also includes entry on both nights into a tremendous nightclub and of course there is the go kart racing which is the main event of this package. In all this is a package that will make your whole group very happy!

Accommodation: The place where you maniacs will be staying at is really close to the main part of Bristol so you can just stroll out of your room and then be right next to a pub or somewhere you can get some grub. Multi occupancy rooms are great for a stag group as you can get up to all kinds of shenanigans (yeah I said shenanigans!) with your mates and it also helps keep the cost down on this package. Speaking of packages there is nothing wrong with drawing a big one on your mates passed out face! If you want single rooms this can be provided, but at an increased price.

Lap Dancing Club Friday: I am sure that once you get settled in Bristol that you will hit a few pubs, well after that the first part of this amazing package will see you guys head to the Central Chambers Lap Dancing Club. This is the number one place in Bristol to see the sexiest ladies! They have girls from all over the world performing here and you get a good mix of sexy dances and stage shows as well. This is a really cool, or should I say hot club as they offer fully nude dancing!

Of course the main reason you come to a place like this is to check out the hottest women in Bristol, but let’s not forget the drinking! There is a fully stocked bar here that is full to the brim with all kinds of alcoholic goodness! And of course if you want to make the night a little more special then you can pull together and pay for a special private dance for the groom.

Nightclub Friday: I am sure you know that Bristol is one of the most popular places for people to come on a night out. So this is a very busy place and even on a good night you can be waiting outside a club having to deal with some knob of a bouncer. A stag group, rolling up to a club and wanting to get in! forget it! No way that is happening, but thanks to us you get on the guest list and you juts waltz on inside. Bristol is home to many great nightclubs and we are sure the one that we pick for you will be the perfect place to end your Friday night!

Go Karting Saturday: The main event of your stag weekend is this go karting adventure. Go Karting is a great stag do event as there is a real competitive edge to it. So you boys can have a real competition where there is a winner and a loser and it’s only fair that you have a prize for the winner and some kind of mean forfeit for the loser. Go karting is a ton of fun and the perfect event for a stag group.

This is the real deal when it comes to go karting. You are looking at a two hour race, kind of Le Mans 24 hour style, but not 24 hours. You will be kitted out in a full race suit (whatever it’s called) helmet and other stuff as well. You will feel like the real deal and if you do not feel like Lewis Hamilton you at least will feel like Super Mario in Mario Kart. This is an amazing track that has many twists and turns that will test even the most hard core driver out there. This is all about fun and at the end of the race there is a proper celebration to crown the winner! There is no better way to race some high powered go karts than right here.

Nightclub Saturday: After a fun day of racing go karts the perfect way for you guys to end your stag weekend is to go to another, Bristol nightclub and party the night away. One really cool thing that I recommend you do is make it so you all chip in and get the winner of the go kart race a few free drinks. Once you have booked we will take care of everything and no matter what top Bristol club we pick for you guys, we will make sure you are on the guest list so you go straight in.

Reasons Why This Is A Great Stag Weekend

This is a great stag weekend with accommodation, entertainment, women and music. Its everything a group of guys could want.

You get to race on one of the coolest go karting tracks in the country in a no holds barred race to the finish.

Admire the sexy ladies of the amazing Central Chambers Lap Dancing Club.

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