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The unpredictablilty of a casino night is what draws most Stags to this Cardiff casino. Will Lady Luck grace your company ?
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Cardiff Stag Casino Night Out

If you really want to have a great stag night then this amazing Casino in Cardiff to your for you and your buddies to gamble the night away and who knows maybe one of you will win big.

Key Features

Many people think that going to a casino means you have to take a shit load of bank notes and be willing to lose them all. Well that is not always the case. You see if you and you stag party make a booking here than those of you who want to gamble, you are free to do so and have a great time doing it. But those who do not want to gamble can still have a drink and egg on their mates to try and win one of the many big jackpots that are on offer. So even if you have a guy in your group who does not like to gamble they can still come and have a great time with the rest of the group.

There are many different games for you to play here ranging from various slot machines, card games and things such as roulette as well. So no matter what your game is this casino has you covered. One really cool thing about picking this as your stag do event is that they offer gaming tuition. So if you love the idea of blackjack or say roulette, but you do not have a clue how to play it then you can learn how to do it before you risk any money. Not many casinos are willing to do this and it means that those in your stag party who have never gambled before will at least have an idea of how to play properly.

It is not just gambling that is on offer at this casino as they will also put on a pretty sweet buffet for you and your stag group. There is a great range of food and as it’s a buffet those who want to eat can just go and do so whenever they want! As well as this there is of course a bar! A bar that serves all manner of great drinks and to make this an even sweeter deal the drinks and the food can be included in the cost of your stag party booking!

Each member of your stag party will also get £5 to play on the slots machine and a gaming chip that is worth £5 as well. While it’s not a great deal of money it at least means even those who do not want to gamble with any of their own money can at least have a go on one of the games. You will need at the very least ten people in your stag party and try to book as far in advance as you can.

Reasons Why A Casino Is A Great Stag Do Event

Hanging out at the casino with a drink in your hand at the roulette table with your best friends around you having a great time is a memory that will last long after the stag do is over!

You get £10 to gamble with so you could potentially win some money without having to put your hand in your pocket.

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