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Get some grub down you at this Cardiff tapas restaurant before going on the bevvy. Dozens of specialities will hit the spot and not the wallet. Perfect for the Lads night out
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Stag Night Tapas Restaurant

One of the hard things about organising a stag do is figuring out where the heck you guys are going to eat. There is always a couple of fussy people who only eat like two or three things. And that what makes a tapas meal the perfect place to have a bite to eat during your stag do!

Key Features

Going for a tapas meal is the perfect way for you all to be together, eating and drinking without having anyone moaning about how there is nothing on the menu that they like. You see the thing that is pretty amazing about a tapas meal is that you can pick and choose from a tremendous party menu what you want to eat for your meal. This means that even the most fussiest and awkward SOB in your stag group will be taken care of.

The variety of food that is available to you guys is just staggering and they pride themselves on offering you things from different styled menus. For example you have your starters that has your usual things like you would expect such as bread. But they also on their party menu have food’s from the field, garden and sea. The field section of their menu for example will have such delights as beef and pork meatballs, chicken breast and so on. The garden is things such as friend potato and spinach and more for you guys who are watching your waistline and the sea is all about seafood as I am sure you have figured out. Now all the items on the menu do have Spanish type names, but the menu does explain what they are for example ,Albondigas may make you wonder what the hell it is, but next to it you will see that its meatballs.

Tapas is all about being a social meal and that is what you will find hear. Of course you will have great food and nice drinks. But having a tapas meal is just as much about the people you are with as it is the food this makes it the perfect place for your main stag do meal. You will find that you and the rest of the stag party will certainly be up for hitting the town and partying once your meal is done. You can call up and book whenever you want, but for large stag groups its best to book as far in advance as you can.

Reasons Why Going For A Tapas Meal is A Great Stag Do Event

A tapas meal really does have something for everyone so there will be no complaining from anyone in regards to the menu.

This is a real “social” way to enjoy food and it will put you in a great and fun mood for the rest of your stag night.

This is something a little different than just going to a Weatherspoon’s, Frankie & Bennies or god forbid a McDonalds. A stag do should be special and I bet going to a tapas restaurant is something you do not do all the time!

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