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Looking for a great nightclub in Cardiff for your Stag night then Guest list entry to Tiger Tiger is a winner with its 2 floors with a stylish restaurant, 4 bars and great music from the 80's & 90's
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Guest List Entry Tiger Tiger Cardiff

Most stag parties will eventually end up at some kind of nightclub. The problem with a city as large as Cardiff is knowing which one to go to. Well Tiger Tiger is located in the heart of Cardiff city centre and is one of the city’s best nightclubs.

Key Features

One of the hardest things for a stag party is getting into a night club. Bouncers are always a little hesitant to let in a group of rowdy guys who have already clearly had a few drinks. Well Tiger Tiger will accommodate your stag party by making sure that your booking includes being placed on the guest list. So there is no awkwardly standing in line as the bouncers let people in before you. Not only is this incredibly convenient it also makes your feel like a real big man as you stroll past all the people who are waiting outside.

What makes Tiger Tiger the premier nightclub for you and your mates to have an awesome stag do is the fact that this place is just huge and contains everything that you would need for a great stag night. Tiger Tiger is two floors high and on these two floors they have four different bars/clubs and even a restaurant. There is no need for you guys to go anywhere else! You can literally spend the whole night here. Each of the bars plays a specific kind of music so if you are a lover of 80’s music then head to that bar, if you love the 90’s dance scene then you are covered in another area of the club. No matter what kind of music you are into, Tiger Tiger will have you sorted! And if that is not enough they even have a karaoke going on as well. So embarrass the man of the night by forcing him to get up and sing.

You will need at least six people in your stag party in order to make a booking and get you guys on the guest list and you must enter the club before 11 pm. Once you have gone in then it’s just left up to you and the rest of your stag party for how you spend your evening. Grab a bite to eat, dance, sing and get hammered its entirely up to you guys how you spend your night!

Reasons Why Going To Tiger Tiger Is A Great Stag Do Event

Thanks to the club putting you on the guest list there is no wasted time of lining up outside the club. As soon as you are ready to party in the club you can all thanks to being on the guest list.

With the different areas of the club there is always going to be a place for each member of your stag party no matter what kind of music they are into.

Thanks to their being a restaurant inside the club there is no need to walk around Cardiff looking for a place to grab a bite to ear.

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