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Squeeze into a wet suit and scramble your way along the Welsh coastline. Far better fun than being a beach bum!
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Coasteering Near Cardiff and Swansea.

If you want to take part in an activity with your best mates and family that will really set your stag do apart from all the rest. Then Coasteering is something that certainly can offer you that! No better way to challenge yourself, have fun and have one last blast off with your friends before you walk down the aisle.

Coasteering is a very popular activity these days and without a doubt the amazing coastline along Cardiff & Swansea is not only the best that Wales has to offer but arguably the best waves, rocks and places to traverse in the whole UK. Coasteering for those of you who do not know is going on a trek along the coastline using the rocks to get by and having to jump into the water and even swim when needed. Coasteering is a physically fun and exciting activity and one that as well as being a great deal of fun is also a great physical challenge. You will have highly trained people with you who will make sure that as well as having fun you are always safe! So throw on a wet suit, scramble across rocks, climb up walls, swim in the ocean and make your way along one of the best coastlines the whole UK has to offer.

Key Information

The minimum number of people who can be in your group are four and to keep things safe the maximum number of people who can be part of one booking is 32. You will be told how to put your wet suit on in the correct manor as well as be given some safety information to make sure that while you will be having fun you are doing so in a safe way. The amount of time that Coasteering usually takes is around the three hour mark. And I guarantee that after this you will be absolutely shattered and ready for the pub!

Reasons Why Coasteering Near Cardiff & Swansea Is A Great Stag Do Event.

Friendly and professional instructors who will make sure you have all the information you need and be there to make sure you are never in any danger at all.

You get to travel along the coast by swimming in the sea, scrambling on beach areas, climbing up slippery rocks and even getting to take some pretty high jumps off the rocks right into the sea. Why not have a little competition with your mates to see who can do the best jump? Or who can climb an area the fastest?

While this is a group activity, no two peoples Coasteering experience is the same. You will traverse the coastline in a different way than the person right behind you does. You can make it as challenging or as easy as you want. And the instructors are there to offer advice and any help you may need.

The area that is used here is home to the second highest tide in the entire world!

This is an adrenaline fuelled activity that is simply unlike anything else. Driving fast cars, playing golf, going on a pub crawl and paint balling are all great stag do activities, but there is nothing else that offers the same kind of thrill ride and fun that Coasteering does.

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