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What in the blue hell is the National Daredevil Tournament? I can hear many of you asking right now. Click on the details to find out just how mental a stag weekend you can have!
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National Daredevil Tournament

Now here is something that is absolutely nuts and a great way to spend a stag weekend! If you just want to get drunk and have a great time, but at the same time you kind of want there to be a point to it and the stag do be one that everyone involved is going to remember for the rest of their lives. Then my friends you have certainly clicked on the right page as the National Daredevil Tournament is the ultimate way to spend a stag do!

What in the blue hell is the National Daredevil Tournament? I can hear many of you asking right now. Well let me tell you. This is not for the feint of hear that is for sure. You see these guys know that a stag do for many people is about going out, having fun, partaking in a few beverages and sometimes doing stupid stuff. Well the National Daredevil Tournament has somehow come up with a way to make doing these things a game and make it a chance for you and your mates to be crowned the Daredevil champions during your stag do weekend. You will have to complete a set of carefully thought out task, take photographic or video evidence of them and then upload them to Twitter or email them to the event organisers.

You will be sent a series of tasks that you need to complete over the weekend. How you go about competing these tasks is entirely up to you and your stag party. But the more creative and funny you go about doing them will earn you more points. And who has the most points at the end of the tournament will be crowned the winner! As well as the grand prize there are smaller prizes and of course a few boobie prizes as well that can take place at the table of honour during the wedding….. well that may not go down to well with the bride, but I am sure you can sneak it on there at some point during the big day.

Key Information

To take part in the National Daredevil you will need to have at least seven willing participants in your stag do. The tournament happens each and every week so no matter when your stag do is planned you will be ok

Each person who takes part will be sent a special t-shirt that will have the list of tasks they need to complete written on it. The way that you do these tasks is up to you and the more crazy you are the more chance of getting a huge score you have!

Photos or videos of all the tasks must be uploaded so that they can be judged and you can get your points. As this is 2014 (well sometime around 2014) at least a few of you I am sure will have a phone with internet and a decent camera on it.

Winners will be announced the Sunday evening after the tournament has taken place and prices will be sent out right after.

Reasons Why The National Daredevil Tournament Is A Great Stag Do Event

There is simply nothing else like this! If you have watched TV shows like Dirty Sanchez and Jackass then you will get a huge kick out of this.

Really the National Daredevil Tournament is a great way to do many of the things that traditionally happen on a stag do, but just make a game out of it.

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