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Gorge Walking is one of the most intense and physically demanding things that you can do. Looking for something tough and something a little bit different?.
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Gorge Walking Adventure for Stags

Gorge Walking in Wales is one of the most intense stag do events that you can do! It’s one thing to go on a weekend bender, or do some kind of sporting event, but Gorge Walking is one of the most intense and physically demanding things that you can do. Looking for something tough and something a little bit different? Then read on to see why this is the stag do event for you.

Key Information

Gorge Walking can be done in both North and South Wales and it promises to push you and your stag party to the physical limit, but at the same time while this is a tough day out it’s also a great deal of fun and a fantastic way for you and your mates to bond and have some life long memories together. Gorge Walking sees you traversing some of the most amazing locations that Wales has to offer. You will be keeping your nerve and watching your step as you scale along slipper rock walls. You will need to make jumps across areas where you simply cannot climb! You will be able to climb up amazing waterfalls and then leap right off them! And you will even find and go into some dark and exciting caves. As you can see Gorge Walking is an event that is just full to the brim of excitement.

As you find and explore dark caves and caverns you really never know just what you will find, some bones? Remains of a lost civilization? Or maybe just a great time with your closes friends. You may think you have done something’s that have pumped you up, but you have not lived until you have jumped from a flowing water fall or you have used a rope to swing across raging waters! While its exciting, Gorge Walking is always a safe time thanks to each stag group having their own experienced guide who will never take you to an area they do not know about. So you can rest assure that while you will be acting like an action movie star, the trained instructors always have your back to make sure you are safe.

Your stag party will need to have at least three people in it before you can make a booking and you will need around three hours to dedicate to this activity. They say that you should bring an old pair of trainers, a pair of shorts which will be worn over your wetsuit and a towel as well.

You have two areas to make this exciting stag do event happen. Mellte & Sychrydd Gorges will be where you will be jumping, climbing and exploring if you are Gorge Walking in South Wales. But if North Wales is closer to your location you will be using the stunning Snowdonia National Park for your adventure.

Why Gorge Walking Is A Great Stag Do Event

Run, climb, jump, explore and push your body to its limits all the while having an absolute blast. This is just so much more than your regular stag do event!

See a part of the great country of Wales that many people simply do not get to see.

Relive your child hood by exploring exciting and at times scary caves that make you feel like you are some kind of action hero in a movie!

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