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This Laser Combat has all the action of paintballing but none of the pain. It also is miles cheaper as you don't have to keep stumping up for more ammo!
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Laser Combat for Stag Day in Cardiff

So you and your buddies wanted to do paintballing as your stag do event, but you do not want to be all bruised up for your big day. Well Laser Combat offers the same kind of intense fun, but without all the pain of paintball!

Key Information

Paintball is fun, but paintball is also a very expensive activity and it also hurts as well! You see paintballing sees you very often needing to pay up for more paintballs and also you get covered in bruises. Let me tell you getting blasted with a paintball, which does not burst hurts like hell! With Laser Combat here in Cardiff though you get all the action at a fraction of the price and you do not get any huge ball shaped bruises on your body.

Shooting stuff makes you feel like a man and it’s also fun, but you know what is even more fun? Shooting your friends! Pick the teams then come up with some tactics like you are in some kind of army movie. Or you can just grab your gun and go for it loan wolf style like you are Sylvester Stallone in Rambo! Either way one thing that you never have to worry about is having to pay for more ammunition like you do with paintball. What you pay here is simply put, what you pay there are no hidden costs at all for you and your stag party.

Picture the scene, you and your best mate standing side by side hiding as you see the enemy coming into your trap, wait for them to pass and then jump out and blow them away! Nothing makes you feel more like a badass than taking down your friends! You have a vast area to run, hide, jump and even climb if you are feeling like a real tough guy.

Your Laser Combat day starts with you and your stag party checking into the place. There you will be given a little safety information and be allowed to see how to operate the laser gun so you are not just running around like a headless chicken when you get out there. You are looking at two hours for your game time. They do allow you to bring your own food onto the premises which is pretty cool, but they do on weekends offer hot food from their café.

Reasons Why Laster Combat Is A Great Stag Do Event

Laser Combat offers everything that paintball does, but it does it at a lower cost and with much lower pain!

One really cool thing about Laser Combat is that if you have some teenagers, say kids, nephews or whatever then you can take them as well if you want. You will have to have parental consent for under 18’s, but if you have some who are say 16 or 17 at least you can let them join in on this stag do event.

Laser Combat makes you feel like you are actually playing a video game or you are the star of a remake of the 1980’s Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, Commando.

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