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This 4x4 off road driving requires balls to say the least! Up hill, down dale- you will never be at ease with those terrifying gradients. These Landrovers are the dogs bollocks for off road driving
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4 x 4 Off Road Driving

Anyone can drive a little under powered go kart around an indoor track covered with spare tyres for “safety” but it takes a real man, a real badass man I might add with nerves of steel and some serious driving skills to take the wheel of one of these powerful Landrovers on some pretty rough and rugged terrain.

Key Information

When you think of off road driving and the UK, you think of the Landrover. One of the best vehicles this country has ever produced and here you get to sit behind the wheel of one and see just how powerful these machines really are. People from all over the wold know that if you want a 4x4 that can handle any kind of terrain then you need a Landrover with its amazing traction and the area that you will be driving around here certainly will make full use of the power and traction that the Landrover has.

Now if this kind of sounds a little daunting or maybe even scary then do not be put off. You see, you and your stag party will be in the hands of some of the best off road driving instructors that the country has to offer. These guys know all about Landrovers and they will share their experience with you to make sure that you are having a great time, but you are also nice and safe as well. You will need to put your driving skills to the test and learn how to really drive as you tear up some really hard terrain. You need to learn that putting the throttle to the floor is not the way a great driver gets around terrain like this. As well as testing yourself you will be pushing the Landrover to its limits as well! You may think you are a big man and a great driver, but let’s see if you can keep your nerve as you try to tackle one of the steep areas or as your wheels are spinning in the mud?

You will need to have a minimum of four people in your stag party before you make the booking. The event takes around an hour and you will be given some safety information and a crash course on how to drive the Landrovers

Reasons Why Off Road Driving Is A Great Stag Do Event

Well to put it bluntly this is just so freaking cool. It’s a manly stag do event and one that will have you just full of adrenaline once you are done.

You get the chance to drive some of the best 4x4 vehicles in the world and learn how to drive them properly from instructors who have been around Landrovers for years.

There is no messing around here. Once you get your information and hear a little on how to handle the Landrover then you are off and ready to roll!

This is a great bonding experience and a little different from the “normal” stag do events.

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