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Rip round the Cardiff countryside on these bad ass Honda quad bikes. Just one touch to the throttle will convince you that this is going to be a great Stag outing with the lads.
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Quad Biking For Stags in Cardiff

There is just something so cool about tearing it up and hauling ass on a quad bike. It’s something that is just as much fun no matter if you are seven or even if you are an adult! This is just a great stag do event for you and your mates to have some fun with. So if you want to test your sills on some pretty amazing terrain then quad biking is for your stag do!

Key Features

You will be riding on a 250cc Honda quad bike that just looks flat out awesome and from the moment you first pull on that throttle a little you know this bad boy has some serious power! It’s one thing riding around on your mates quad bike, but this is the real deal right here folks the kind people who take quad biking serious like to use. This is not just messing around down the local park, this is the real deal, big boys quad biking folks!

One of the really cool things about this place is that they know that quad biking as much fun as it is can be pretty daunting for some people who have never been on one before. So they make sure to give you guys a little bit of training and they will actually observe you to make sure that you know how to handle their 250cc Honda quad bikes safely. The actually place your will be going is a working farm so there are the better part of 400 acres of bumpy hills, woodland areas and many muddy and bumpy places for you to test your skills. Even on a warm sunny day you are going to get very dirty at this place, but that really is a huge part of the fun.

Once you are all signed in you will be taken to a practice circuit where you and your stag do buddies can get to grips with the quads. Now even if you have been one a quad before you will be probably blown away at the power of these! Once the instructors have seen your skill level they will recommend what one of the paths would best suit you. They do have less bumpy and somewhat calmer areas for people who are not to skilled on the quads. If you have been on many quads before let them know and they will make sure you can get right into the action. You will need at least two people in your stag party and you will need to have about an hour of time to ride on the quads.

Reasons Why Quad Biking is A Great Stag Do Event

It’s fun!!! Ok so that is pretty simple, but the fact of the matter. Quad biking around a farm is just an absolute blast and let me tell you that hour will just fly by and you will be hooked, looking for a quad biking place close to where you live!

Powerful quad bikes like the 250cc Honda’s that you will be riding on here are expensive to buy and require quite a bit of upkeep, well that is not your problem here! You and your stag party just roll up, roll out and have a great time!

Quad biking is something that pretty much anyone can do. As cool as riding on dirt bikes are they are much more challenging than quad bikes. Everyone in your stag party will at the very least be able to tackle the easy area here.

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