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Cardiff Stag Weekends & Stag Dos

Here are some top reasons to book your Cardiff Stag Do with StagDoParty

  • Our Stag friendly accommodation is perfect for all the Stag action in Cardiff
  • We have amazing customer service, our sales team will make sure you are happy
  • We only need a tiny deposit of just £10 pp to book your complete Stag party
  • Over 50 different stag activities including Clay Pigeon Shooting, Cardiff Stag Weekend Paintball and the unique White Water Rafting 
  • For something different in the evening- Cruise round Cardiff Bay on the Party Boat Cardiff Party Boat
  • An amazing choice of accommodation that welcomes stags with open arms
  • We are the party master, let us do our thing and you will be well chuffed
  • Only one phone call is needed to book the whole stag weekend!
  • We have hundreds of stag activities for you to pick from
  • We are the group travel experts for Cardiff Stag Dos

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Money Saving Cardiff Stag Do Packages

Cardiff on a Budget

SAVE £15
No excuses - all your mates can tag along for the weekend at this amazing price ► 2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry and Nightclub Entry.
  • Location: Cardiff
  • Laughter Unlimited

    SAVE £20
    Get your mates together and head to Cardiff for the weekend - this package will have you laughing from start to finish ► 2 nights accommodation, Comedy Club, Lap Dancing Club Entry and Nightclub Entry.
  • Location: Cardiff
  • Paintball & Lap Dancing Package

    SAVE £31
    Save £25 on this Cardiff Package that includes 2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry and Paintball. Perfect basis for any stag weekend in Cardiff
  • Location: Cardiff
  • Karting Capers

    SAVE £25
    Karting is just one of the capers we have lined up for you in Cardiff. What else you get up at the lap Dancing and Nightclub is entirely up to you guys ►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry on both nights and Karting.
  • Location: Cardiff
  • What makes a stag do in Cardiff special?

    Ah good old Cardiff, one of the most popular places for a stag weekend. What happens in Cardiff stays in Cardiff! Cardiff just has a ton of stuff going on which makes it the perfect place for a fun action packed stag weekend! There are a million amazing day time activities here and as I am sure you aware Cardiff has a wild nightlife with some very wild ladies.

    Cardiff also has a wealth of popular attractions such as the Millennium Stadium where you can see some live sport, music or some other kind of event if you are lucky. The National Museum is a great place to go if you guys want a little culture and history. If you want to see some live entertainment then the Wales Millennium Centre is really cool.

    Anything can happen on a Cardiff Stag Night

    What Makes Cardiff So Special?

    Cardiff is kind of a weird place and I mean that in the very best way. It’s hard to think of a city that has such a great mix of having so many cultured types of things to do and a ton of mental activities and also a wild nightlife. This is a city that really does have something for everyone. No matter what you are into, it’s a damn good bet you will find it in Cardiff.

    What Are The Best Day Time Stag Activities?

    Check out some of the really fun things you can get up to one your stag weekend during the day here in Cardiff.

    Insider Tips For Cardiff

    Dave Jenkins- the Cardiff Expert Shares his tips on Surviving Cardiff- Click Here to access the low down on Cardiff

    For you sci-fi fans this is an absolute dream! The Doctor Who Experience is a wonderful museum/exhibition that celebrates one of the most popular TV shows of all time. Things from all eras of Doctor Who are covered here so there is plenty for you old school and new fans to the series. If the groom is a fan then he will be in heaven here. And of course there are all kinds of cool stuff that you can buy. This is a really well run place and a good time is guaranteed!

    When you think of classic stag do events it’s hard to look past a balls to the wall, adrenaline fuelled game of paintball! Delta Force Paintball do not mess around. You will arrive, get a safety briefing, gear up and then it’s time for WAR!!!! Will you be a team player who will work with the group to take down the enemy and complete your objective? Or will you go it Rambo style, a one man army who is just out to kick some ass? Either way you are in for a great time here. There are plenty of game scenarios for you to play with each one having its own fun story to get you into the game. To really make your stag weekend complete you must shoot your mate in the ass!

    Man this is just bat poop crazy! But it’s also one of the most fun things you can do. With the Wales team improving, Swansea flying high and Cardiff……. Let’s move on. Wales is becoming a hotbed for football. So come and test your shooting skills, your passing ability and your silky skill moves in a game of Bubble Football .This, my friends, is just nuts and is exactly what it sounds like. This is a classic game of football, but your upper bodies are in these big inflatable balls. So rather than tackling an opponent you just slam into him to get the ball! Even people who do not like, or are terrible, at football will have a great time here.

    Coasteering is fast becoming one of the winning stag day activities! Wales has some just gorgeous coastline and here you will get to explore it in some really cool ways. You have no clue what is going to be thrown your way! You will need to climb up rock faces, abseil down, make amazing jumps into water, check out some caves and do tons of other cool stuff.

    Have you got the balls for this coasteering?

    This is an activity for real men and it will push you to the limit. A friendly guide will make sure you are safe and sound as well as making sure you get to see and do all the really cool stuff. After a day of coasteering you will have earned your beer in the evening that is for sure.

    What Can We Do At Night Time?

    Well it’s pretty well known that Cardiff has a wild nightlife and here are just a few of the cool things that you can get up to!

    Did you know that Cardiff had such a creepy, scary and just downright pants pissing history? Well you will if you have the balls to go on this ghost walk. The guides do a great job in giving you all the scary stories and history about the haunted places you are at and what horrific crimes have happened. Llandaff Ghost Walk does not butter things up and is not for the faint of heart and more than a few “hard men” have had some trouble sleeping after this stag night activity! Your hand will be shaking when you are having your pint after this!

    A new law has been passed in Wales stating that every stag weekend must have a stop at a lap dancing club and in Cardiff FYEO is the best of the best. They have chicks from all over the world who will amaze you with their skills on the pole, or make you very hot under the collar with an erotic dance show.

    Is she coming to our Stag Night?

    Why not treat the main stag and get him a private dance with the hottest chick in the place? FYEO is huge and has a really cool vibe, which along with the sexy women and shit loads of booze make it an ideal place to a linger on your stag weekend.

    One of the coolest and largest nightclubs in Cardiff, Tiger Tiger is a place where many of the sexy Cardiff ladies like to party. This place is two floors of just amazing music to cater for all tastes. So if you are in the mood for some 80’s classics then there will be an area playing Billy Ocean, classic Michael Jackson and other stuff. Want some slow jams where you can maybe swoon the ladies? No matter what kind of party mood you are in, Tiger Tiger will take care of it. Because this is THE most popular clubs, getting in is a nightmare, but if you book with us we can get you on the guest list so its VIP all the way!

    Ok I know that you want to just drink and check out naked ladies, but damn it you boys have got to eat as well. If for no other reason than to soak up some alcohol so you can drink even more. Anyway La Tasca is the place for stags in Cardiff to have a nice meal. They have a great Spanish menu that has some tasty exotic dishes for you more adventurous types, but they also have some “normal” food like meatballs, egg on chips and other stuff like that. So before you hit the streets, come and have a some decent grub to celebrate your mate’s upcoming wedding.

    The most useless bit of Cardiff knowledge

    George Auger was born on 27 December 1881 and died 30 November 1922. He was also known as The Cardiff Giant. For many years he played the role of the giant in 'Jack, the Giant Killer'.


    On a stag weekend you are best going on either the train or a coach mainly because no one wants to really drive home from a stag weekend! Now a train will most likely require you to make at least one change (of course depending on where you are coming from) By train Cardiff is around two hours from London so that gives you an idea of the time it takes to get here. Many places do offer a coach service right to Cardiff so you might want to look into that. You can always drive which is not that much hassle at all you can get there on the M4 which is always nice.




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