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Cardiff Stag Night Ideas

If you come to Cardiff for a stag night and don’t have an awesome time, then sorry, but there is something wrong with you! Cardiff is home to one of the most amazing nighttime scenes I have ever encountered. There is just so much choice in this great city that I’m sure you boys will be kept very busy, happy and drunk as a skunk the whole night! Check out some of the most amazing stag night activities that Cardiff has to offer!

Top three nighttime activities in Cardiff

Our Top Stag Night Ideas for Cardiff

Beer Wenches

£ 138.99
Bavarian themed beauties will serve you beer & drinks, entertain and accompany you for up to 3 hours No queuing at the bars or struggling with trays full of drinks.
  • Reference: PR-8836
  • Casino

    £ 24.99
    The unpredictablilty of a casino night is what draws most Stags to this Cardiff casino. Will Lady Luck grace your company ?
  • Reference: PR-6040
  • Min No: 10
  • Comedy Club

    £ 20.99
    What better way to start a Stag night out in Cardiff. Loads of laughs at this sensational Comedy Club. Top stand up comedians will laugh with you, at you, and because of you!
  • Reference: PR-10115
  • Karaoke & Meal

    £ 24.99
    What a combination- great nightclub, restaurant and karaoke bar all rolled into one. Your stags can sing their hearts out, get drunk , have some food and then dance the night away cahtting up some of Cardiff's lovelies
  • Reference: PR-4449
  • Min No: 8
  • Lap Dancing Club

    £ 9.99
    At this leading lap dancing Club you are going to see some of the best looking UK and International girls around. Cardiff Stag night arousal guaranteed!
  • Reference: PR-2566
  • Night Club Entry-Pryzm

    £ 9.99
    When it comes to a Stag night out and the choice of Nightclub- Pryzm is the hands down favourite. Guest list entry is a no brainer ensuring hassle free entry before 11pm
  • Reference: PR-7658
  • Min No: 2
  • Night Club Entry-Tiger Tiger

    £ 9.99
    Looking for a great nightclub in Cardiff for your Stag night then Guest list entry to Tiger Tiger is a winner with its 2 floors with a stylish restaurant, 4 bars and great music from the 80's & 90's
  • Reference: PR-2226
  • Min No: 6
  • Party Boat

    £ 27.50
    Cruising in Cardiff Bay on this stag night party Boat has to be experienced. Like a nightclub only much better with an electric atmosphere, rocking music and great birds to chat up
  • Reference: PR-2567
  • Min No: 1
  • Restaurant - Spanish

    £ 19.95
    Get some grub down you at this Cardiff tapas restaurant before going on the bevvy. Dozens of specialities will hit the spot and not the wallet. Perfect for the Lads night out
  • Reference: PR-2888
  • The best stag night activities in Cardiff

    With these six awesome stag night venues, you guys will be making sure that the groom’s last few hours of freedom will be something he (and the rest of you guys!) will remember forever.

    First up is Tiger Tiger. This is one of the most popular ‘chain’ nightclubs in the UK, and the Cardiff venue is always a great night. This club is laid out over two floors, and I loved that there were a few different areas which play different styles of music. So one minute you can be bouncing around to some big club tunes, and the next you can be in a part of the club playing slow jams as you try your smooth moves on the local ladies. I sure as hell don’t like to stand in line and I’m pretty damn sure you guys are the same, so by booking here you can get your stag group on the guest list.

    Is a stag night the perfect night for some gambling? You bet your ass it is! Here at the Grosvenor Casino they have all your favourite games like poker, roulette, black jack and about 498 slot machines as well. The staff here are really cool and will actually give you a wee bit of tuition if you have no clue how to play some of the games. A nice lady tried to teach me black jack, but after about twenty minutes I think she wanted to blow her brains out as I still had no clue, but hey – she tried! They also have a bar that serves food, so you can have a few drinks and something to eat as well.

    You really can’t go wrong with a night at a lap dancing club during your stag weekend. And I have taken one for the team by checking out a number of the country’s top lap dancing clubs to see which ones are the best! For Your Eyes Only is a really classy lap dancing club that always has a hot chick up on the stage doing some sexy stuff! They also have a good number of private booths and some larger private booths that you can all sit in if you want. So if you want to see some hot chicks in all their glory, then For Your Eyes Only is the best lap dancing club in Cardiff!

    A Cardiff stag night should see you boys do something a little bit crazy, and what is more crazy than partying it up on a boat? That’s right – by getting on board the Party Boat, you guys will be taken on a wee trip round the harbour in a boat that has a great sound system, a fully stocked bar and a bunch of randy, sexy ladies who are also looking for a good time! This is a great way to spice up your drinking and do something other than just sitting around in a pub. Drinking on a boat is not just cool, its actually big and clever as well.

    For a night of laughs, look no further than The Glee Comedy Club.  This is one of the best comedy clubs I have been to (and I have been to quite a few, by the way). They manage to book some of the best comedians and they are also willing to give a few local lads and lassies a break as well, which is cool of them. One thing that I got a lot of laughs out of here was their MC, who was just as funny as the actual acts. A regular night here will see three or four acts taking the stage. This is a great way to make sure your Cardiff stag night gets off on the right foot.

    If you want to party at a really hip and modern nightclub, then the place you should go to is Pryzm Nightclub. They have spent a tonne of money on this place and the end result is awesome! They have three different areas to party in, each one with its own style. I swear that one minute I was in a part of the club that was playing Calvin Harris’s latest tune, then ten minutes later I was in another part of the club where everyone on the floor was going mental to ‘YMCA’! You never know what’s going to go down here, plus the local Cardiff ladies love this place, so there’s always the chance (probably a slim chance, but a chance nonetheless) that one of you will score!

     You want more? Well I got more for you!

    Here are a few extra amazing Cardiff stag night ideas for your group.

    Go back to the 1990’s with a night at Retro! This is a club that is all about having a fun time. This is a 90’s themed nightclub, so you can expect to hear all those 90’s cheesy classics that you either really loved, or hated with a passion! This is the kind of club that just loves stag groups, and they will make sure you guys get special attention and have a great time!

    The scariest thing you can do in Cardiff is hook up with a really grim-looking chick after a few too many, out on the town…… I kid you not, as scary as that is, the Llandaff Ghost Walk is even scarier! This was voted one of the scariest ghost walks in the UK! Your guide will do a great job of scaring the crap out of you guys as you visit the most haunted areas in Cardiff. You will hear the horrifying true stories of why these places are so haunted! Just make sure you wear a nappy or pack an extra pair of pants.

    One of the coolest bars (that I spent a tonne of time in by the way!) is The Bunker. This is a sports bar, and as you would expect, they have TV’s all over the place showing sport from all over the place. But they also have pool competitions, video game competitions and other cool stuff going on as well. This is a real ‘guys only’ type of bar, although ladies are welcome too so it’s not a total sausage fest. This is the type of bar where stepping in for just a couple of pints will see you stumbling out about five hours later!

    Last up, I have something that may be a hard sell, which is the Lucky Voice Karaoke Bar. Now please here me out! I’m not saying you start the night here, of course, but you’ll find that Karaoke is really fun when you’ve all had a few drinks! So go to a bar, neck a few, then come here and do your best Robbie Williams, Kurt Cobain or whoever! When everyone is… let’s just say, a bit ‘merry’… karaoke is awesome! And if making a complete arse of yourself in public worries you, then you’ll be happy to hear that they even have private areas where your group can be alone. No need to expose the general public to your singing then, is there?

     Some important information for your Cardiff stag night

    I have some more places of interest for you guys here below, to make sure your stag night goes with a swing!

    Fine dining in Cardiff

    Perhaps the swankiest and most elaborate fine dining experience in Cardiff is Chapel 1877. On a normal night out you would not come to a place like this. But if you want to have a special meal with some expensive champagne and food that’s so fancy you’re not even sure what the hell it is, then come here. It’s expensive, high class and very tasty.

    Ordering from the 99p menu (cheap eating)

    Now, I’m sure some of you are like me and do not want to spend your drinking money on food. Well, the Cardiff Bella Italia has everything you would expect from this chain. A nice, clean and affordable place to eat, and with plenty of pizzas and pastas there is something on the menu for everyone here. And you do get a lot of food for your money.

    Best place to catch a live band

    The Live Lounge is one of Cardiff’s most popular places for live music. This bar has live music on every night of the week. You get to see some really cool bands play here and it’s a pretty relaxed atmosphere as well.

    Where to chill out

    While they do have some pretty lively nights, for a more relaxed and toned-down night, or even for just a few quiet beers, Buffalo is regarded as one of Cardiff’s best bars for a stag night. They have live music and a really relaxed vibe.

    Late night taxis in Cardiff

    There are quite a lot of 24/7 taxi firms in Cardiff, so considering the state you boys will be in during the early hours, it’s a very good thing. I personally used Cabs 64 and had no complaints whatsoever. Another firm offering a late taxi service is Cardiff Cabs.

    My tongue is stuck to a lamp post (emergency room in Cardiff)

    Let’s face it, someone is bound to do something stupid during your stag weekend, but Cardiff has many places to get medical treatment if (god forbid) you should need it. Cardiff hospitals are plentiful, but still be careful!


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