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Get your mates together and head to Cardiff for the weekend - this package will have you laughing from start to finish ► 2 nights accommodation, Comedy Club, Lap Dancing Club Entry and Nightclub Entry.
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Laugh the Weekend away in Cardiff

Cardiff is one of the best paces for a stag weekend and we have come up with a really cool package that will be perfect for you all. We have the accommodation sorted, the entertainment, the women (not like you are thinking!) and of course some ass kicking nightclubs. In all this is a nonstop party and a weekend that you will never be able to top!!! So stop messing around trying to piece together a great stag weekend, when we can do it all for you.

What’s The Deal?

2 Nights Multi Occupancy Accommodation

Friday, Entry To Comedy Club

Friday, Nightclub Entry

Saturday, Lap Dancing Club

Saturday, Nightclub Entry

Key Features

Ok so here we go, we have put together a stag weekend that is tailor made for you guys who love to laugh. We have built this around the main event of a night of laugh your asses off comedy at a top comedy club. But that is not all. You see we are taking care of your accommodation. We will hook you up with being able to waltz into nightclubs on both nights. And we even have you sorted with one of the best lap dancing clubs in the city.

Accommodation: No need to look on the internet to find a place to stay where you will not get your organs harvested for sale on the black market when you sleep (look it up it happens!) we have arranged for you guys to stay in a really nice place on both Friday and Saturday. These are multi occupancy rooms. So you will be sharing a room with your mates, but that is all. There is no danger of having to share a room with some random weirdo. Sharing a room just makes the weekend that much more fun as you can be really wicked and mess with your mates if you want. If you want single rooms that can be arranged at an extra price.

Friday, Comedy Club: The main attraction of this stag weekend is the entry to one of the city’s best comedy clubs that we have hooked up for you guys. This place just gets amazing reviews, night after night and it will certainly be a real highlight of your trip. This is a really cool comedy club in that they get a great mix of established touring acts and people who are just starting out. So you are getting a good mix of different comedy styles. Also there is a bar here so you can have a drink and a little bite to eat as you are enjoying the live comedy.

Friday, Nightclub: Once the comedy show has finished and your sides are sore from laughing it’s now time to hit the nightclub. Just after the comedy show you get to party it up in a really cool nightclub. This is a great place where the single people in your stag group can meet some nice single ladies. And it’s also a great spot to kick back with a few beers and just enjoy the night. This is a great way to end the first night of your stag weekend!

Saturday, Nightclub: Cardiff has some of the best lap dancing clubs in the whole of the UK, let alone Wales. But we have done our homework and made sure that we have picked only the very best of the best for you guys. Let’s face it any stag weekend that is worth attending has to feature a stop at a lap dancing club. We will make sure that you guys are on the guest list so that you get in without any hassle at all. This is a great spot to sit back and just admire some of the sexiest ladies you will ever see. Some great stage shows and even private dances will be on offer here. You guys should all chip in a few quid and get the main man a private dance.

Saturday, Nightclub: To round off your amazing stag weekend we will arrange for you to get entry into one of the best nightclubs in the city. Cardiff has a very wild night scène and getting into a nightclub can be very hard. No one in the world likes to stand in a line, it just flat out sucks! So that is why we have made sure that when you book this package you will be on the guest list so there will be no bouncers with veins bulging out of their neck telling you no. Just tell them your name and go on in and party the night away. Once inside you can have a few drinks, dance, check out the ladies and just do what you want to do in order to have a great time.

Reasons Why This Is A Great Stag Weekend

This is the ultimate no hassle stag weekend. We take care of everything to make your weekend as much fun as possible.

You get to see some of the best comedy clubs in the country in one of Cardiff’s most prestigious comedy clubs.

Nightclub and lap dancing club entry mean you boys get to really enjoy your nights here in Cardiff. 

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