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What a way to start your Stag night in Edinburgh- get scared witless in the network of creepy underground vaults listening to graphic descriptions of murders and dastardly deeds
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Ghost Walks- Underground Tours in Edinburgh

South Bridge in old Edinburgh is the entry point to the network of vaults that lie beneath the streets. Graphic descriptions of death, disease and destruction lie behind every vault

Take a walk through these gloomy vaults that used to be hangout for criminals, body snatchers and witches! There are stories of destruction, death, crime and disease associated with each one, your tour guide will gladly give you the gruesome details. You will see with you own eyes a present day temple for witches which is still used by a coven of witches to date. You can enter the temple they used before and get to know why the witches find it now unsafe for them to practice their witchcraft in that room. Do you venture to step into the stone circle?

When you are done with seeing these dimly lit vaults you will be led to our torture museum packed with all sorts of horrifying instruments that were used to torture the witches in the olden days. This is where your tour will come to an end and you get back to the 21st century with a sigh of relief that you live in the present times.

The walks usually starts at night, be warned however it is terrifying. You can choose to be giving a private tour or stick with the other touring party to feel safe in the group of people present.

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