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If you want a physical stag do event that will push you and your mates to the limit all the while having an absolute blast then Canyoning & Cliff Jumping might be the answer.
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Canyoning & Cliff Jumping Perthshire

I am sure more than a few of you have clicked on here wondering just what the heck canyoning and cliff jumping is. Well let me tell if you want to do a physical stag do event that will push you and your mates to limit all the while having an absolute blast then this is it.

Key Features

If you want to really feel like you are exploring the highlands then this is the place for you. This gorgeous area of Perthshire is part of Scotland that not too many people know about. But when you and your stag do roll up and traverse the slippery rocks, climb down waterfalls and jump in to dark and mysterious waterfalls from crazy heights, it will become a part of Scotland that guarantees you will never ever forget!

The idea of canyoning and cliff jumping is to start off by you and your stag party scrambling up stream through various rivers, rock surfaces, caves, pools of water and some devilishly slippery banks as well. You will need to have your wits about you and also help your mates or make fun of them as you climb, jump, swim and even swing to new areas! You guys will eventually arrive at a river head where the real adventure begins!

You see now you will all be heading downstream, but this is not just a case of swimming. Far from it. If you thought the trek to the river head was fun then this will really blow your minds! Now you get to use ropes to traverse down slippery rock surfaces like you are some kind of action movie star! You will need to tackle real and natural water flumes and you will even have to make death defying jumps from high areas! In short you will be having the absolute time of your lives. There is no other stag do event where you and a group of mates can push your selves physically like his and have a great time doing so.

While this to some may sound a little dangerous let me tell you that you and the rest of the stag group are always in safe hands as you will have a guide with you at all times to help you out. They are there not only to show you where to go, but to make sure you are all safe as can be. You will have all the safety equipment you need provided for you.This is not an easy day out! And you will have to be reasonably fit to do this. You will also need three hours to complete the event and there are two start times one at 9:30 and the other at 12:30. A minimum of four people in your stag party is required before you can make a booking.

Reasons Why canyoning & Jumping Is A Great Stag Do Event

If you and your mates are fit and want to do something physical together then this is the perfect stag do event and one you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Set in a real “magical” part of Scotland this is an area that not to many people make the effort to ever go and see.

While it takes three hours you will, even if you take the early start time be finished in time to hit the pubs and clubs in the evening.

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