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If you are looking for a stag do event that is all about getting your blood pumping and having a great time with your mates then you have just found it- White Water Rafting.
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White Water Rafting for Stag Groups

As more and more stag groups look for an activity that keeps them out of the pubs, white water rafting here in Scotland seems to be getting even more popular. So if you are looking for a stag do event that is all about getting your blood pumping and having a great time with your mates then you have just found it.

Key Features

There is no better way to get a real adrenaline kick than by shooting down some of the fastest rivers you have ever seen! You and the rest of your stag party will be thrown all over the place and need to have your wits about you as you keep your raft under control. Truth be told, words cannot do justice just how much fun white water rafting is and this place in the heart of Scotland is regarded as one of the best in the entire UK!

The main man behind this place is a bloke called Steve and he has over 20 years white water rafting experience and he is even a former marine! So you can rest assure that you are getting the very best instructions and that you are in very safe hands. He is all about making sure that your stag party has the time of their lives, but that they are doing so in a safe and controlled manor.

What time your stag party happens will depend on where exactly your white water rafting session will take place. But it will either be at Pitlocry, River Tummel or it will be on the River Tay setting off from Aberfeldy. Either way you are in for the ride of your life. Pretty much everything you need will be provided for you and the rest of your stag group. This includes things such as helmets, wet suits, things to make you float and everything else to make sure you are nice and safe. They do say that you should bring a few items with you. An old pair of trainers to wear in the raft (although they can provide some for you, but who the heck wants to wear someone else’s crusty old trainers?) a pair of swimming shorts/trunks heck even speedos if you’re feeling brave, to wear under the wetsuit and also bring a towel as well.

You are looking at three hours at the very least for the while white water rafting event to take place. This includes a brief safety information session where you will be given a few safety details, but do not worry you will be in the raft before you know it, laughing at the one member of your group who is freaking out!

You need a minimum of eight people in your stat party and there are two start times one at 9:30 and the other at 13:30. They also offer clay pigeon shooting and canyoying as well!

Reasons Why White Water Rafting Is a Great Stag Do Event

This is just a great deal of fun and different from riding quad bikes or go karts. If you really want to “drive” something then this is the most extreme way you and your mates can do that.

While this is balls to the wall, fast as hell and pretty damn scary it’s also very controlled and perfectly safe at all times.

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