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Edinburgh Stag Weekends

Here are some top reasons to book your Edinburgh Stag with StagDoParty

  • Our Stag friendly accommodation is perfect for all the action in Edinburgh
  • Our packages including accommodation will save you a fortune
  • We only need a tiny deposit of only £10 per person to book your entire Stag Do
  • We will arange all your activities, accommodation and transport for the best stag weekend
  • Over 150 different stag activities including Clay Pigeon Shooting, Edinburgh Stag Weekend Paintball and the unique Mini Highland Games 
  • For something crazy- handcuff the Stag to a dwarf- check out the Dwarf Hire Dwarf Hire
  • Join the famous nightime bar tour aboard the unique Gobananas Party on a Bus 
  • Online tools allow YOU to manage your booking simply. We can even collect the money from your mates for you
  • Unlike other companies, we work, live and play in Edinburgh. We know the best activities, clubs, & places to stay by far
  • We will look after you from start to finish.

Stop Right There

CLICK HERE NOW and we will organise your Stag Weekend for FREE!

Or call us on 0207 183 8687 and one of our team will sort your weekend out over the phone

Save up to £300* by booking one of the packages inc. accommodation below


Money Saving Edinburgh Stag Do Packages

Best Value 2 Night Stag Weekend Package in Edinburgh

Enjoy 2 nights in Edinburgh for Only £69. Yes £69!. Includes Entry to the famous Fantasy Palace lap Dancing club and a top nightclub as well. Book now for 2014 / 2015 weekends before they are all booked out!
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • No 1 Stag Party on a Bus

    £ 29.95
    Its been called the Stairway to Heaven- Edinburgh's No 1 Stag Party on a bus- Bar Tour Visiting 3 top bars with Entry into City Nightclub- Stag Heaven on Earth
  • Reference: PR-4940
  • Min No: 10
  • Shoot the Stag 2 Night Package Offer

    Will you gang up on the stag and pelt him with paintballs or will you play fair!!!! A great weekend ahead ►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Paintball and Nightclub Entry.
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Adventure Weekend

    SAVE £25
    Rather than sitting in the pub getting rat arsed, this package will get everyone involved, don't worry there is still plenty of time to down the pints!!!►2 nights accommodation, Aerial assault course, Paintball and Nightclub Entry
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • All Action Stag Weekend Package Deal

    SAVE £40
    This is a full on weekend and great value both in terms of money and experience. The stag will love it!►2 nights accommodation, Lap dancing club entry, Nightclub Entry, Off Road Buggies, Paintball and Party on a Bus.
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Wild Weekend 2 Night Package Deal

    SAVE £30
    Includes 2 nights in Edinburgh, Lap Dancing and Nightclub entry with a rafting and canyoning adventure on the wildest river in Scotland- have you got the balls for it?
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • What makes Edinburgh special?

    Edinburgh – the capital of Scotland, a beautiful city with spectacular views and the Athens of the North! Is this spectacular city a good destination for your Stag Do? Well, if you choose Edinburgh for your stag weekend, you are not just choosing a top 10 destination but you are also choosing a destination that is quirky and different. Edinburgh offers more than castles and great sight-seeing options. It offers plenty of variety when it comes to nightlife and stags can be assured of a series of  unadulterated  events and activities. For example, the best of traditional taverns can be found in the Canongate. In addition, this old town is perfect for an entertaining Stag Do with infamous ghost walks through the historic alley ways and underground vaults of the city. Will you dare  match up to the theatrics of the ghost walk guides and their rendering of infamous crimes? If so, the Royal Mile is the perfect area of town in Edinburgh for you and your stags! The Royal Mile also has the best whisky tasting venues in all of Edinburgh, each having its own unique story of famous and sometimes infamous whiskys of Scotland. During august every year, Edinburgh hosts the Edinburgh International Fringe festival. The city is awash with any number of drama and arts productions. It is a great time for stags to come here because there is just so much free stuff in terms of street entertainmnent.

    A stag night in Edinburgh without a stripper? Highly unlikely! The top choice for stag nights in Edinburgh includes a stripper on board the Club Class Bus, a moving party machine with a superb sound system and the right amount of party lighting to make that you have a night to remember. Fully refurbished for your comfort, the Club Class Bus will transport you and your  gang to the coolest party bars and clubs in Edinburgh. Can it get any more fun and debauched than that? We think not! The best part of the Club Class Bus is that the group stays together throughout the entire night and you are free to drink as much as you want  and to enjoy yourself to the maximum. No need to worry about drinking and driving! After visiting 3 great bars the bus will drop you off at one of Edinburgh's top Nighclubs to party until the small hours


    Interior of the Edinburgh  Club Class Bus

    Getting round Edinburgh can be a problem. Taxis are numerous and buses are plentiful but because there are just so many damn tourists they take ages to get any where. Even the new tram system which is very efficient and all very snazzy-  never goes to any of the best nightlife bits of  Edinbugh. So the cunning  plan is to get a taxi into the heart of town and then go everywhere on foot. Edinburgh city centre is not that big and if you start your Stag night out in the Grassmarket then you are within hoofing distance of just about all the best bars, clubs and strip joints in Edinburgh anyway.

    Day-time Activities in Edinburgh

    Crazy Rafting in the Highlands

    Day-time activities in Edinburgh are top-class! From multi-activity days to half days of paintball or traditional games, the combos are varied and numerous. Pigeon shooting, off-road driving, archery and even rock climbing are just a few of the thrilling and exciting day-time activities that you can partake in. If your stag weekend is in Edinburgh and you are partaking in day-time activities, you must definitely check out Alien Rock which is the first dedicated indoor climbing centre in Scotland. It has been a fun, friendly and exciting venue for indoor rock climbing since 1994 and is guaranteed to offer you a safe yet thrilling and mind-blowing rock climbing experience. Please note that the deals we have here in activities usually come with transfers. For example, we have transfer deals to places like Perth for activities like paintball.

    Traditional games like Clan Games and Mini Highland Games are a must-do in Edinburgh and are so much fun for stags. Expect loads of chest thumping after tossing cabers, throwing the hammer and more! Loads of fun while you do your bit to keep traditions alive and the hangover at bay!

    Food and Entertainment in Edinburgh

    The food in Edinburgh varies from god awful to brilliant- just like any other town! Edinburgh has cuisines from all over the world. Find your best curry, tapas meals, French, Italian, Mexican and fusion cuisines in the city- but by the way, you will no doubt be blaming that dodgy feeling in the morning on the grub- nothing whatsover to do with the 85 units of alcohol consumed the night before. The best way to get the best for your group is to pre-book set meals, especially if you have a big group. When the perfect meal is combined with the right entertainment, a moment of unforgettable pleasure is created. With the universities and vast student population, the city attracts the top performers, bands and comedy acts. In fact, being at a comedy club enjoying an evening meal is one of the best ways to begin the evening. With regular folk and music festivals, the music lovers in your stag group will definitely be satisfied, especially with us at your side as we maintain a close watch on all the musical specials to be enjoyed during your time in Edinburgh.

    There is more than whisky!

    Scottish Beer is awesome! Order an 80 shilling which is the name for their bitter and is named after the excise fee per barrel!

    Let us help you Plan Your Stag Do in Edinburgh

    We have been planning stag events in Edinburgh for decades. We have the knowledge, the experience, the deals and the relationships with providers, establishments and people of Edinburgh. We have everything that you need to plan and to have the perfect stag weekend in Edinburgh. So, don’t hesitate to call us, preferably well in advance, to avail the best advice from us.

    We can also guide you in choosing the right accommodation option for your group based on its size, budget and other specific requirement. There are a variety of luxurious self-catering hotels, mid-range hotels and famous hotels in historic building with gargoyles. Many of these hotels are located near Grassmarket and Leith Walk which is a vibrant place to hang out, especially with its dockside restaurants and bars.

    Lap dancing clubs, night clubs full of lassies just waiting to chat you up, strippers for hire, thrilling outdoor games and activities, great food and wonderful entertainment and the Edinburgh party bus – with such amazing stag activities, Edinburgh is clearly the perfect destination for your Stag Do.




    StagDoParty believes that it provides the best value for money for Stags and Stag Weekends in Edinburgh.

    If you can prove us wrong- which we doubt- then we will match or beat any genuine "like for like" quotation for Edinburgh based Stag weekend.

    Please contact us with alternative written quotation and leave the rest to us.

    Call us on 0207 183 8687 and ask to speak to one of the sales team.

    Your Edinburgh Stag Do- how to plan it

    We have been organising Stag Dos and Stag weekends in Edinburgh for over 10 years. We are also the "local" boys so we are always on the ball in terms of getting the best deals and first to pick up on new venues and activities in Edinburgh. We also know what works well and have a great relationship with hotels and apartments allowing us to get the best rates.Everyone thinks they can organise a Stag do until they start and soon realise it is not so easy to book everything and pay for it maxing your own credit card in the process- how are you going to collect payment off of some weird friend of the grooms that you dont even know? That is where our advice and tips really comes in to play- trust us- we have done it for thousands of stags- how many times have you organised a stag do successfully?

    Some of our top tips from years of experience in organising successful Stag weekends in Edinburgh

    Make sure you get the right date for the wedding

    You have no idea how many groups organise the stag do on the basis of the wrong wedding date. Chaos when it is discovered!! Check check and double check that all important date

    Choose the month for your Stag do.

    Edinburgh is a major tourist destination and as such is always really busy. This is a double edged sword- it means that there are loads of great activities to book, but it also means that getting accommodation can be a nightmare.

    Avoid Edinburgh festival time in August if at all possible as getting a hotel to stay in is either well nigh impossible or prohibitively expensive.

    Avoid the dates of major sporting events in Edinburgh such as the Rugby Six Nations weekends during February and March every year.

    Choose a couple of weekends in your chosen month at least 2 weeks before the wedding. If you have a stag weekend too close to the big day, then that can be plain stupid as the bridegroom might not be able to make it to his own wedding.

    Once the approx dates are chosen the next step is to decide who to invite and who is to be THE organiser.


    Who should you invite?

    Biggest mistake is to invite too many people. A compact group of guys that get on well together is far more likely to have a legendary stag weekend compared to a group of 30 blokes that hardly know each other.

    Ask the groom who he wants to be invited and then guide him as to whether the list is appropriate- do you really want to invite the Bride’s father?

    We have found that the best stag group size is between 12 and 16- any bigger than that and the stag weekend becomes too unwieldy or rival factions break out.

    It is vital that you get everyone’s email address and contact number. Emailing the group is an easy and effective way to coordinate the stag do. Phoning individuals is time consuming but when they are not paying up on time it is the only way to jog them along.

    Best Thing about the Forth Bridge Closure!

    Stops all those "Kingdom of Fifers" reaching Edinburgh and boring everyone witless with their inferiority complexes

    Choosing the Stag Location

    If you are looking for a stag night with all the best nightlife then choosing Edinburgh makes a whole load of sense.

    Make a Quick Enquiry to Team StagDoParty

    We are here to help you plan something special and memorable. If you want to ask us something, you go ahead and we will get back to you ASAP.

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