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Edinburgh Stag Night Ideas

When it comes to Scotland and having a stag night, Edinburgh is the first place that everyone thinks of! It’s like some kind of stag group magnet, as it’s one of the most popular parts of the UK for a crazy stag weekend. Edinburgh just has every single thing that you might want in a city for a stag night. There are loads of cool things to do here, and right here I have picked some of the best!

Top three nighttime activities in Edinburgh

Our Top Stag Night Ideas for Edinburgh


£ 9.99
Experience one of the best Casino nights out you can find in Edinburgh offering you different games like Blackjack, Three Card Poker, American Roulette and Electronic Roulette
  • Reference: PR-2229
  • Min No: 1
  • Gentlemans Tour

    £ 39.99
    Combining the famous Club Class Bus bar Tour with entry to a strip club sounds like the perfect Stag night out in Edinburgh.
  • Reference: PR-5694
  • Min No: 10
  • Lap Dancing Club

    £ 9.99
    Fantasy palace is by far the best lap dancing club for stag nights in Edinburgh. Stags will find rooms available for private shows as well as an assortment of bars and even an Italian restaurant a winning combination
  • Reference: PR-482
  • Nightclub - CAV Club

    £ 9.99
    This is THE nightclub in Edinburgh if you are on a Stag night. CAV dominates the nightclub scene in Edinburgh on a Saturday Night- Guest list entry is a must for a succesful Stag Do in Edinburgh
  • Reference: PR-528
  • No 1 Stag Party on a Bus

    £ 29.95
    Its been called the Stairway to Heaven- Edinburgh's No 1 Stag Party on a bus- Bar Tour Visiting 3 top bars with Entry into City Nightclub- Stag Heaven on Earth
  • Reference: PR-4940
  • Min No: 10
  • Restaurant - Indian

    £ 21.99
    Winner of multiple awards, you know that this is one of the very best Indian restaurants in the whole UK. Unparalled menu of Indian Dishes in Edinburgh
  • Reference: PR-1288
  • Restaurant - Italian

    £ 15.99
    This 2 course Italian meal at the famous La Rusticana is the perfect way to meet up and to start the party evening. Great reviews will ensure that this meal will be a success
  • Reference: PR-10089
  • Stripper

    £ 144.99
    A Stripper is always a great idea for a stag night- especially if you can keep it as a surprise from the main man. Classy girls delivering sensual surprises.
  • Reference: PR-1524
  • Comedy Club

    £ 14.99
    The Monkey Barrel Comedy Club is Edinburgh's newest and funniest comedy club. Top stand up comedians regularly headline at this club.
  • Reference: PR-50310
  • Ghost Walks Underground Tours

    £ 11.99
    What a way to start your Stag night in Edinburgh- get scared witless in the network of creepy underground vaults listening to graphic descriptions of murders and dastardly deeds
  • Reference: PR-6045
  • Min No: 2
  • Topless Waitresses

    £ 218.99
    Now this is a Stag dream- topless waitresses waiting on the lads, bringing them beers and being a bit flirty. They will meet, greet and generally be your skivvies for the night.
  • Reference: PR-8880
  • Nightclub - Club Tropicana

    £ 9.99
    Club Tropicana will take you back to the 80's and 90's. Superb Stag night venue in the Lothian Road in Edinburgh smack bang in the heart of Edinburgh's clubbing scene
  • Reference: PR-11139
  • Restaurant - American

    £ 24.99
    All that is the best in American Food served at this classic restaurant. Burgers, steaks and calories in excess as only Americans can do. A great Stag Night starting point in Edinburgh
  • Reference: PR-5893
  • Min No: 0
  • The best stag night activities in Edinburgh

    First up for you magnificent SOB’s, I have the best and most popular stag night activities that the great city of Edinburgh has to offer!

    What better way to kick things off than with a huge pair of boobs right in your face? Well, that is what you boys are going to get at Fantasy Palace. They offer a tonne of cool stuff here, from table dancing to hot pole dancing shows and even private dancing! They have some very sexy girls working here and your eyes will not know where to look! I also think that chipping in and buying the groom a private dance is a great idea. I know if I was the groom I would sure as hell appreciate it!

    It would take at least three years to tell you about all the amazing nightclubs that are in Edinburgh, but one of my favourites (and one of the most popular in general) is the Cav Club. This is just a really fun club and you guys will be very happy as the booze here is very cheap considering its popularity! Like I said, this is a popular club, so you can expect to stand outside in the queue for at least half an hour… Screw that! You see, you can get well and truly hooked up and put on the guest list. So no steroid-popping bouncer can stop you walking straight in!

    Edinburgh is well known for its legendary pub crawl quests. Well, this is 2015 so who the hell wants to walk? That is where the Club Class Bus comes into play. This is the ultimate badass and party animals pub crawl! You will be on board this crazy bus that has a stripper pole, a great sound system and the most mental staff you will ever encounter. They do not sell booze on board, but you can bring your own, hell they actually encourage it! You will be taken to three bars and then at the end of the night you will be on the guest list to one of Edinburgh’s best clubs. To say we were all hammered by the end of the night is a huge understatement and I am sure your stag group will be as well!

    Where do we go?? Was a question a mate of mine asked when we went into Espionage! You see, this place is freaking huge! It is five floors of just balls-to-the-wall craziness! There’s a place to party for everyone in here. No matter what type of music you’re into, or if you want to dance or just hang out at the bar, Espionage will have a place where you fit in! Also the ladies just love this place so there is always the chance for romance… or a snog and a fondle if that is more your style. Guest list entry is available as well, so no freezing to death in the Edinburgh cold. And let’s face it – if there’s one thing that can spoil an Edinburgh stag night, it’s one of your mates freezing to death. 

    Man, who knew that Edinburgh had such an evil, creepy and pretty messed up past? For you guys who love horror films, ghosts and the supernatural, you will love going on an Edinburgh Ghost Tour. These guys are really cool as they give you a few different options. You can go around Edinburgh and see the haunted places and hear their scary-as-hell stories, or you can go underground to the old vaults… Holy crap, is this scary! Even Rambo would be pissing his pants down here! This is a great stag night idea and one that will make you all want to drink even more when you hit the bars later.

    Edinburgh is the home of comedy! You’re bound to have heard about its world famous comedy festival, plus it has several different clubs around the city. One that we had a great night at was The Stand Comedy Club. These guys have people on the stage nearly every night of the week, and they do manage to book some pretty big names. You totally have to check to see who is performing here during your stag night. The staff are all friendly and you can even have a cheeky wee drink while you watch the show.  Laughing as a group is just such a great way to kick off your stag night.

    I have more Edinburgh madness for you!

    If those ideas above were not awesome enough for you, here I have another four amazing Edinburgh stag do ideas that are sure to make the groom have a stag night he will remember for years to come.

    I will admit that I have a horrible – and I mean horrible – singing voice, but get a few beers in me and I will be more than happy to do a little karaoke! This is a really fun karaoke bar that has a huge array of tunes for you to sing and there are different private rooms which can actually handle a large number of blokes. I know that  this may seem a weird thing for a stag night, but trust me – after a few beers this is a really fun night.

    Next up, I have for you the New York Steam Packet! This is an American diner that has the most amazing range of American food I have ever seen (outside of the US of A, of course)! The main event here though, is those huge burgers that they have over there. You really do need two hands to hold it (that’s what she said), as they are that big. One weird (and wonderful) thing here is that they offer a ‘bring your own beer’ service, as they don’t sell booze. So grab a six-pack from the newsagent’s and enjoy some amazing food.

    If a lap dancing club is not really your thing, but you still want to see a hot naked woman, then hire a stripper. These guys have  good selection of ladies to pick from. No matter if you like small, big or basketball sized boobs they will have the perfect girl for you. They can come to your hotel or a venue of your choice and give the groom a night to remember!

    Last but not least, I have something that is ‘groovy’ and ‘awesome to the max’ and that isThe Shack Nightclub . Hey man, dig out some bell-bottomed trousers, platform shoes with a fish in them (like Disco Stu in The Simpsons) and party like it’s either 1959, 69, 79 or 89 in the most funky and over-the-top retro nightclub that Edinburgh has to offer. This is a wild and crazy night, and while you do not have to dress up, we found that you get way more female attention if you do!

    Need to know stuff about Edinburgh

    Here I have for you some nice places to eat, taxi firms to use and other cool places to check out during your stag night in Edinburgh!

    A special place to eat (fine dining)

    The food, the setting, the staff – just everything about Number One oozes high class. If you want to go for a really nice meal where you can sit down, relax and eat in a more upmarket kind of atmosphere (to make up for the mess you will be in later in the night), then this is it. They have a very interesting menu with things like beef, deer, oysters and other tasty treats.

    Good value food!

    More for less is what I want when I have a meal, and at Cosmo you get that. This is an ‘Eastern’ all-you-can-eat buffet with food from China, Japan, Vietnam and many more places. They have a great selection of food and you are free to eat as much as you can handle! This is just a really cool place, and if you’re eating on a budget it’s a great choice.

    Taxi firms offering late night service

    If you need to get a hooker out of your room at 4am you need a taxi firm that offers a 24-hour service. Luckily in Edinburgh you are ok, as half the cars on the road here are taxis so you will be taken care of. Central Taxis and  City Cabs are just two of the firms that offer a 24-hour service.

    I got bitten by a wild haggis (emergency room in Edinburgh)

    Stuff happens on a stag night. Maybe you are walking along, see a wall and think it’s a good idea to climb it. Well, three seconds later you are on the floor with a busted ankle looking for an emergency room. There are plenty of places to get some Medical Treatment in Edinburgh so you will be ok, but do not take that as a licence to do something stupid.

    Good place to see a live band

    Edinburgh has a fantastic live music scene, with a crazy amount of bars with live bands playing. So picking just one is hard, but for a good time head over to Bannerman's. Many people (myself included, by the way) say that this is the best place to see a live band. They have a band rocking out here pretty much every night.

    A cool place to chillax (yeah, I said chillax)

    The Jazz Bar is the kind of bar you go to when you want a more relaxing Edinburgh stag night. With cool-as-ice jazz music, a well-stocked bar and a really laid back vibe going on, this is a great bar to catch your breath for an hour before heading back onto the streets for some more hard core drinking!


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