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This is a full on weekend and great value both in terms of money and experience. The stag will love it!►2 nights accommodation, Lap dancing club entry, Nightclub Entry, Off Road Buggies, Paintball and Party on a Bus.
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Edinburgh Action Weekend Package

This is one of the most intense, crazy and fun filled stag weekend packages we have on offer. If you want to go crazy in Edinburgh then you need to book this. Here we have you going at 100 mph from the moment you check into your hotel! A stag weekend should be something that the groom will remember for the rest of his life and with this you have just so much going on that it will be impossible to forget. We have driving, shooting, partying and naked women. This is the ultimate blokes weekend.

What’s The Deal?

2 Nights Multi Occupancy Accommodation

Friday, Lap Dancing Club

Friday, Nightclub Entry

Saturday, Off Road Buggies

Saturday, Paintballing

Saturday, Party On A Bus

Key Features

This is just absolutely nuts! By the time Monday roles around you will be well and truly done in, but with a big fat grin on your face!

Accommodation: Look we know that the boring part of a stag weekend is sorting the accommodation. We have many hotels that we use in Edinburgh and we will make sure that you are staying in a great one. The rooms that we book are multi occupancy so you will be sharing a room with other members in your stag group. Please note that there will be no random people sharing your rooms with you, just the people in your group. If you want a hotel close to the centre of the city then try to book as far in advance as possible. Also if you want single rooms then you can book these for an additional price.

Friday, Lap Dancing Club: The first part of your stag weekend action packed adventure is sure to make your heart beat a little faster and make you  want to find a pillow to put over your lap! You guys will be coming to the best lap dancing club in the whole of Edinburgh and that is the Fantasy Palace. This place does not mess around and is just gorgeous women from all over the world inside. Everywhere you look there is some smoking hot chick there! Fantasy Palace is a lap dancing club that people from all over Scotland come to visit and within just a few minutes in the club you will know whey its so popular.

The Fantasy Palace is a surprisingly large lap dancing club. They offer some amazing dance shows and some just, jaw hitting the floor pole dancing shows! There are also a few different bars here so you will not have to wait in line to long to get a drink and get back to enjoy all the sexy ladies. One thing that would be pretty awesome is if you were to all chip in and get the groom a lap dance. Let the people know you are a stag party and they will make sure the groom is well taken care of.

Friday, Nightclub Entry: Once you have finished admiring the amazing ladies at the lap dancing cub. We will arrange it so that you boys are on the guest list at one of Edinburgh’s top nightclubs. This is a city that is well known for its nightclubs and all the best ones have a brutal line about a mile long. Not to mention a bouncer on a power trip. But with this package your guest list entry means you just get to stroll on in and avoid any hassle at all. So you have less time waiting and more time drinking!

Saturday, Off Road Buggies: On Saturday you will get to shake of the hangover with some intense and crazy off road buggy racing action. These things are just awesome and they are kind of a mix between a quad bike and a go kart only they have a hell of a lot more power! This is a great activity and you will be kitted out with all the right safety equipment, given a quick lesson and safety briefing and then it’s on with the races.

This track can handle eight off road buggies on it at a time. So you can get a really fun race going if you have a large stag group. There is some time trails and an end of the day race where a winner is crowned. There is even a little podium so you can have a celebration for the winner. Off road buggies are a ton of fun and the perfect way to start your Saturday.

Saturday, Paintballing: Delta Force Paintball is the best of the best when it comes to paintball in Scotland. You guys will get all the safety equipment and some of the best paintball guns that are on the market right now. In addition to this your booking includes 100 paintballs! You can buy some more if you think you will have an itchy trigger finger. Once you have picked your teams it’s onto the war! There are a few different game scenarios for you to play out and no matter if you are attack or defending this is a great deal of fun. And of course one of the best joys in life is shooting one of your mates at point blank range in the ass with a paintball gun!

Saturday, Party Bus: We have picked the perfect way for you maniacs to end your stag weekend and that is with a ride on the number one Edinburg party bus. The party bus is a nonstop party on wheels. This is the classic Edinburgh pub crawl only instead of the party stopping each time you go to a new pub. You jump aboard the bus where the music keeps on playing and the party never stops. You will be picked up from a pub in the centre of Edinburgh and from there your party bus adventure will take you to another three of Edinburgh’s best pubs! The party bus is a pimped out, double decker party on wheels!

Reasons Why This Is A Great Stag Do Event

Your stag weekend gets off to the best start possible with a high class lap dancing club followed by partying at one of the city’s bets nightclubs, both with guest list entry!

Your Saturday has two amazing action packed events. Get behind the wheel of some ice cool off road buggies for some racing action, before being the ultimate bad ass in a game of paintball.

No better way to end your stag weekend with a ride aboard the party bus! You get to party and see the best pubs the city has to offer. 

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