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Will you gang up on the stag and pelt him with paintballs or will you play fair!!!! A great weekend ahead ►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Paintball and Nightclub Entry.
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Guns, booze and women! Is there a better triple threat when it comes to a stag do? Well if there is I and I am sure you do not want to be part of it. We have busted our asses to put together what we think is one of the most action packed stag weekends, Edinburgh has to offer. There is no better way for a group of guys to have a wild time that with this package right here! So read on to see why this is the only way to spend your stag weekend in Edinburgh. So quit jerking around and book this now!

What’s The Deal?

2 Nights Multi Occupancy Accommodation

Friday, Lap Dancing Club Entry

Saturday, Paintballing Mayhem!

Saturday, Nightclub Entry

Key Features

Ok so we have been hard at work coming up with this package so let’s take a look at what it is offering you gents.

Accommodation: We are hooking you guys up with two nights accommodation in Edinburgh. Now the place you stay at will depend on when you book, but we are in contact with many great places in Edinburgh so do not worry. The rooms that this package offers as standard are multi occupancy. If you are wondering what the heck that is it just means  a few mates will share each room. Do not worry though there will be no random weirdo’s staying with you. These rooms are just for your stag party. The hotels we like to book are close to where all the action is in Edinburgh so you will always be close to a few pubs. Please not that if you want to pay a little extra you can book single rooms or book a more fancy hotel if you want.

Friday, Lap Dancing Club: Edinburgh is no stranger to sexy ladies and its actually home to some of the best lap dancing clubs in the whole of Scotland. For you guys who book this package you are getting to go to the very best of the best when it comes to lap dancing clubs. Fantasy Palace is just a fantastic lap dancing club and as well as featuring very nice looking Scottish ladies also has performers from other parts of the world also! So no matter what your taste in women is there will be one (at least) who ticks all the boxes for you! It takes about three seconds after walking in the door of this place to make your pants a little tighter.

Fantasy Palace is a freaking huge place! And it’s like no matter what way you turn your head there is some hot chick there. You almost never know where to have your eyes which is not a bad thing let me tell you that! There are plenty of shows happening with both erotic dances and pole dancing. Fantasy Palace also has three fully stocked bars so you never have to wait in long ass lines to get yourself a drink. This is the perfect place for you boys to spend your Friday night and they are open till early hours Saturday morning. So there is no need to go anywhere else. This is the number one lap dancing club in Edinburgh and you can just waltz right in the front door with this package.

Saturday, Paintballing: Delta Force Paintball is the ultimate when it comes to paintball in Scotland! Paintball is the perfect game for a stag weekend. There is just something so fun about shooting your mate in the rear end and watching him roll around of the floor like Michael Jackson in pain! Hey this is what good friends do! You guys will be split up into two teams and then it’s a fight to see who is the winner. There are a few different game scenarios here and in all it kind of feels like you are playing a real life video game. So if you are into things like Call Of Duty and Halo then you will be in your element here. Also if video games are not your thing think of it as you being in a Rambo movie.

You will be kitted out with the latest paintball weaponry to do some serious damage with. And as well as this you will also be provided with the latest paintball safety equipment. Do not get me wrong it still hurts getting shot, but at least it hurts in a nice safe way! Pick the teams, learn the rules and then it’s time to go to war. It’s up to you how you either defend or attack and part of the fun here is coming up with some cool tactics to tack the enemy down. Of course you can always just run around like a maniac if you want.

Make sure that you bring some old haggard clothes and trainers to wear here. This is not the kind of thing you do in a shirt and tie! Also you will be given 100 paintballs to use, but you can buy some more if you want.

Saturday, Nightclub Entry: Once you have healed your wounds from your paintball activity it’s time to party. And party is what you will do with this amazing package. It would take a man much greater than I to write a list of all the amazing and cool nightclubs in Edinburgh. But you guys can relax as we will only make sure one of the best is part of your package. Best music, best atmosphere, best drink deals and best ladies as well!

With Edinburgh being such a busy city you can expect to stand outside a club all freaking night! Well not with this package. You get on the guest list and when the bouncer starts with his BS just tell him you are on the guest list and you will be let right inside. No waiting in line for you guys, you get the VIP treatment here!

Reasons Why This Is A Great Stag Weekend

You will get to see the best of the Edinburgh nightlife with a first class lap dancing club and one of the city’s best nightclubs!

Two nights accommodation is taken care of for you guys so no worrying about where you are going to sleep.

An action packed Saturday of paintball is a great way for you gents to bond and blow off a little steam. 

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