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Rather than sitting in the pub getting rat arsed, this package will get everyone involved, don't worry there is still plenty of time to down the pints!!!►2 nights accommodation, Aerial assault course, Paintball and Nightclub Entry
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While getting a few drinks down your neck is a must on a stag do, sometimes you just want a little more than a traditional piss up. And that my hard rocking amigos is what we have come up with here. Edinburgh is a city of action and we are embracing that by mixing in some classic stag do drinking in the evenings with some action packed activities during the day! You will tackle an assault course, shoot things with a paintball gun (not at the same time although that would be freaking cool!) and even hit a few of Edinburgh’s best nightspots. This is a stag weekend for a group of bad asses, can you handle it?

What’s The Deal?

2 Nights Multi Occupancy Accommodation

Ariel Assault Course


Nightclub Entry On Both Nights

Key Features

Still reading? Then you may be man enough to handle this stag weekend. Please read on and see what action is in store for you guys!

Accommodation: Ok so let’s start with where you party animals are staying now you may think that a tent is a great way to save a few quid, but this is Edinburgh we are talking about and its freezing cold on a night. But do not worry my friends as we know many of the best hotels in the city that offer great deals. So we will hook you up with some nice multi accommodation rooms. Here you will be sharing rooms with your mates which is pretty fun as when they fall asleep you can draw on their faces!!!! Not that I am recommending that sort of thing of course! If you want to pay a little extra then you can have fancier rooms and not have to share.

Aerial Assault Course: What in the blue hell is an  aerial assault course I can hear that one guy in Newcastle asking well let me tell you. I am sure you have seen an army style assault course where you have to run, jump and climb over things. Hell I am sure more than a few of you have done one of these in the past. Well this is kind of like that….. except this assault course is high up in the air and will certainly separate the men from the boys. Will you stand up like a man and conquer the course? Or will you break down and cry for your mummy?

This course features a range of nets that you will need to climb your way up. There are ladders that seem like they go on forever, was this what Led Zep were talking about when they wrote Stairway To Heaven? I think it may have been! You will also get the chance to go on some really fast zip lines that travel at crazy speeds. Some areas of this course are a crazy 100 feet high in the air. The course takes about half an hour and it is pretty tough. But you will have the best safety equipment on and there will always be an instructor on hand to give some advice and help you past some of the tougher sections.

Paintballing: Oh yeah!!! If you want to bond with your mates then there is no better way than to gear up and shoot each other with paintballs. This is a classic when it comes to a stag do event and it simply never gets old. To be a real man you have to have at least shot one thing in your life. And what is better to shoot than one of your best friends? You will be using some state of the art paintball guns that have some serious kick. When you get shot with one of these bad boys let me tell you, you will sure as hell feel it. Do not worry though the pain you feel makes you just more determined to shoot them back!

Delta Force Paintball is the best when it comes to Paintball in Edinburgh. They will let you use the latest paintball guns and kit you out with the best safety equipment. A quick safety session and then it’s off to war you go. There are a few different game scenarios that you can play and you will feel like you are right in the middle of an 80’s action movie. Once you have picked teams and find out who is attacking and who is defending its time to come up with a game play. Planning an ambush and seeing it work is one of the best feelings you can get! To make it extra fun have some kind of reward for the winners and something bad for the losers. Hey this is war after all and any forfeit the losers have to do is justified.

Nightclubs: In the UK, Edinburgh is one of the best city’s when it comes to having a great night out. People come from all over the UK to have their stag weekend here because there are just so many great places to get hammered! It’s hard to think of a place that has so many great nightclubs so close together. The thing with this is when you go out on the night, especially after an action packed day like you have had. The last thing you want to be doing is walking around like and asshole looking for the right club and then having to wait outside for god knows how long to get inside and that is if you even get inside!

None of that BS when you book this amazing package. We know that you guys need some beers in you so we will make sure that you are on the guest list for one of the city’s best nightclubs on both Friday and Saturday night! No waiting, no arguing with some big monster bouncer. Just walking in the front door and pounding down the beers!

Reasons Why This Is A Great Stag Weekend

Two action packed activities that are just pre balls to the wall fun and mayhem!

No standing in line waiting to get into clubs on both nights, thanks to our guest list entry.

Accommodation is part of this package so no worrying about finding a cheap place to stay. 

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