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Zombie Archery & Bubble Football Combo
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Zombie Archery and Bubble Football for Stag Days

The dead walk among us and you are the only ones left to face this apocalypse of the Arizen.  Enlist now and join our specialized Zombie Response Team.  As a Z.R.T Operative, you will receive expert training in the use of the silent bow and arrow in order to quickly and effectively dispatch your foes.  Once your training is complete you will be unleashed upon the undead hoard as part of a crack squad of zombie hunters led by one of our experienced squad leaders.  As a team you will make your way through the infected quarantine zone swiftly and silently, taking turns to discreetly dispatch any zombies you find and bring an end to this deadly plague once and for all.


And what better reward for our savior from the zombie apocalypse than a session of Bubble Football.  A bit of sport and friendly competition is a great way to release after wiping out a hoard of the undead.
Our instructors will help you get fitted into one of our Bumper Balls then let you loose on our football pitch for a game of football like you've never played before.
Our Bumper Balls consist of inner and outer membrane joined together with thousands of nylon cords.  It covers your body roughly as far as your knees, meaning you can run, jump and play football with the added potential to send opponents flying head over heels (and heels over head) in all directions, provided of course, that you manage to stay on your own feet.


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