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The success of any Stag Night in Leeds is totally dependent on getting in to the best nightclubs. With Guest list entry to Pryzm the night out is sorted.
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Pryzm Night Club Guest List Entry

Let’s face it the majority of stag dos these days will end the night at a top nightclub and that is what you have here with one of the most popular clubs in Leeds. So party the night away with your mates and feel like a real VIP!

Key Features

A great stag night will easily see you guys hitting a few pubs during your adventure, but this is all just leading up to the main event of the nightclub! I mean come on if the single guys in your stag party are going to get any action on this stag night then it’s going to be at the nightclub!

As awesome as it is for a stag group to rock and roll into a nightclub, stag groups often have a problem and that is the size of the group and the fact that at least half the group will already be, let’s just say a little bit tipsy shall we? Anyway this can make it really hard for a stag group to get into a nightclub without having to standout side, freezing their ass off until the bouncer has gotten off his power trip and decided to let you in. Well you do not get that here! You see by booking ahead you and the rest of the stag group will get the VIP treatment and be put on the guest list. This means that you can just stroll right past all the common folk in the line and feel like a total boss!

Once inside you will be surprised at the size of the place. A stairway that has this amazing, felt like stuff on the wall sets the tone for the kind of place this is when you get inside. In all it’s a pretty classy joint and the dance floor is always jumping, but if dancing is not your thing then there are more than a few areas where you can just sit and relax with your mates, laughing at peoples dance moves. There is even a smoking room that has a pretty sophisticated feel to it so if there are any smokers in your group then that is perfect for them. There are a few different rooms scattered around the club and I am sure that you will find that one room that is just the perfect vibe for you guys.

This is a pretty laid back club, but the usual club rules do apply so make sure that you are not dressed like you have been chaving it up on the estate. At the very latest you need to be at the club by 23:00 to make use of your guest list entry that you guys have.

Reasons Why The Pryzm Nightclub Is A Great Stag Do Event

There is no standing in line here! Just waltz on past all those other people waiting out in the cold.

A very cool place with a number of rooms for you to party in.

All different kinds of booze are on offer. No matter what your poison is you will find it here!

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