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Leeds Stag Weekends

Here are some top reasons to book your Leeds Stag with StagDoParty

  • We offer the best and friendliest customer service
  • We are not the cheapest- but we are the best!
  • We offer the best selection of stag do events
  • We have accommodation to suit all budgets
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Money Saving Leeds Stag Do Packages

Leeds on a Budget

SAVE £14
If you guys are counting the pennies then this is perfect for you - get together and enjoy a weekend in Leeds►2 nights accommodation, Nightclub Entry and Lap Dancing Club Entry.
  • Location: Leeds
  • Paintball Havoc

    SAVE £16
    How do you fancy causing some havoc at this paintball site and then causing more mayhem at both a Leeds lap dancing club and a Night Club►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry and Nightclub Entry on both nights.
  • Location: Leeds
  • Clubbed to Death

    SAVE £9
    Amazing value for money - its time for you guys to show off in a different city►2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry, Nightclub Entry and a Bar Crawl
  • Location: Leeds
  • Laugh a Minute

    SAVE £19
    Start your weekend with a laugh and make it last throughout your stay in Leeds... a few other surprises are in store for you with this package►2 nights accommodation, Comedy Club, Nightclub Entry, Paintball and Bar Crawl.
  • Location: Leeds
  • Why You Should Come To Leeds For Your Stag Weekend

    Leeds may not be the first city that people think of when planning a stag weekend, but Leeds certainly ticks all the boxes of what makes for a pretty bad ass stag weekend. One of the things that Leeds really does not get the credit it deserves for is just how diverse it is. By that I mean the inner city is all “glitzy” (well kind of) where you have all the pubs, clubs and many other forms of entertainment, but there is also a load of outdoor space for all kinds of cool activities. This makes it a really cool place for a stag do.

    Leeds is more than just for bad ass stag nights though. There are also plenty of other touristy things to do such as a few awesome museums. Both the Royal Armouries and the Leeds Industrial Museum are great if you are looking for a little culture. For a little live entertainment you cannot beat the really classy City Varieties Music Hall. So as well as the wild and crazy, Leeds does have something for you more sophisticated types. One cool place is Trinity Leeds where you can do a little shopping, grab a bite to eat and even catch a movie.

    Endless activities and outdoor fun in Leeds

    How Do I Get To Leeds?

    The train is easily the most convenient way to get to Leeds no matter if you are coming from say London, Scotland or even Cardiff, you can get to Leeds pretty easily on the train. Also there are bus services from most places as well. As far as by car goes Leeds is kind of on a crossroads with the M62 and the A1 so it’s not a place that is going to give you road rage trying to find-until you get there!

    What Makes Leeds Special?

    Like I said , Leeds is not a classic stag weekend kind of place and I think that is what partly adds to its charm. There is just so much cool stuff to do here and not loads of people flock here like they do say London or Bristol for example. Do not get me wrong, Leeds is still fairly busy, but it’s not overly crowded like many other popular places for a stag do.

    Leeds Survival Tip

    If you say "Hello" to the bus drivers they just look at you like you are an idiot...- So just swear at them like all the locals!

    Here Are Some Of Leeds Coolest Night Activities!

    Read on my hard rocking amigos to see just what antics you can get up to on your stag night in Leeds!

    Ok so one thing that is cool for a stag night in Leeds is to go on a good old pub crawl along Call Lane. This is amazing and every few feet there is either a place to eat or somewhere to have a pint. A few of the more notable bars here are the long running, popular Oporto, with Jakes Bar being a really cool place, that as well as having a great choice of booze is famous for their amazing burgers. Click Here for details The last bar I want to recommend is the really cool and laid back Norman Bar with its very late opening on Saturdays, Call Lane just has great place after great place!

    Many of the biggest touring acts in the world stop here at the Leeds O2 Academy .Of course when your stag weekend lands will depend on who is performing, but this is a really cool and well-designed venue and it’s well worth checking what is on during your weekend here. For example as of writing- such acts as Snoop Dogg, Inspiral Carpets, Jessie J and many more are scheduled to perform here.

    Stag Night necessity- red hot women to entertain the lads

    You cannot have a stag do without seeing some nice boobies and that and much more is what you get at Silks. This is the best place to bring the groom so he can enjoy his last few days, hours or whatever of freedom. Nothing, but the sexiest ladies are here putting on some really amazing and just damn sexy shows! As well as having smoking hot ladies, Silks also has a well stocked bar that is actually pretty damn cheap for a place like this. And if you can take your eyes of the sexy ladies (which is hard) there are huge HD TV’s with sport on them.

    Tiger Tiger are not pissing around when they call themselves the ultimate party venue. Leeds has more than a few bad ass nightclubs, but if you are only going to one then it needs to be Tiger Tiger. What makes this the ultimate place to party is that inside there are all these, let’s just say mini venues inside. Each one has its own vibe. One minute you are having a drink in a place that kind of is like a beech hideaway and the next you are partying it up in a New York style 70’s disco! As one of the most popular clubs in Leeds, you can expect to line up and deal with a huge bouncer……… but not when you book with us as we make sure all your asses are on the guest list.

    Check Out These Amazing Stag Do Day Events!

    Leeds also has a few pretty awesome things for you fine gents to get up to during the day portion of your stag do.

    Take Podium Position and claim all the bragging rights!

    Embrace your need for speed with some intense go karting at the best place for go kart racing in Leeds. You will get behind the wheels of some really fast go karts and you get to put them and your driving skills to the test on a really fun track. This track has plenty of bends that test your driving skills, but it also has a few straight parts where you can really open these bad boys up. Go karts are a great activity for a stag do. Just make sure the winner gets a few free pints when you hit the town later!

    The true classic when it comes to stag do activities, Paintballing is just an absolute blast. You and your mates will be kitted out in the latest paintball gear, given your powerful paintball guns, split into teams and then it’s time for war! What makes this place so cool are the different game scenarios they have. London Apocalypse, Tomb Raider and Castle Wolfenstein are just a few examples of the amazing game scenarios.

    Now here is something completely different. Leeds is the start of the Leeds to Liverpools canal which has been completely restored opening a whole pile of great activities. Why not hire a canal boat and gently chug along this magnificent canal, cutting through the glorious pennines and re-visiting old that Industrial Heritage

    Scottish Beer in Leeds?

    Really?-yes check out BREWDOG IPA. Beer with attitude for Stags with attitude

    Clay shooting is really cool and just a short 22 minute drive from Leeds. This is a sport where those with a steady hand, eyes of a hawk and who actually listened to the instructor will be best. Clay pigeon shooting lets you feel like a total bad ass as you are holding a powerful shotgun that can do some real damage. You and your mates will be competing to find out who is the best shot in the group. I think a few free pints for the winner and a horrible forfeit for the loser is a perfect idea.

    Now this is real bad ass! Challenge your mates and see which one is the ultimate action man when you take part in the Krypton Factor Assault Course. There are so many challenges that you will have to overcome here. In all there are over 40 different challenges and this is not just for the super fit. There are some challenges that require some puzzle work where points will be awarded for the person that does it best. This is a really fun day out and you boys will feel like you have earned that first pint in the pub afterwards.




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