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Leeds Stag Day Ideas

Ah, Leeds! A city that is tailor-made for your stag weekend. A stag do in Leeds is always an intense time, as you will see by the end of this article that there are loads of ways to really have a blast. Making good use of the city and the outdoors, Leeds is a place where you can have a fantastic time, so check out below why this is the perfect place for your stag weekend!

Top three day time activities in leeds

Our Top Stag Party Ideas in Leeds

4x4 Off Road Driving

£ 39.99
Drive up steep hills and dip down into muddy ditches. Will you get stuck and have to call for help? Or will you show everyone how it’s done? Come and try the 4x4 off road driving experience today
  • Reference: PR-9275
  • Min No: 4
  • Aerial SkyRide

    £ 9.99
    Ready for some adrenaline? It’s time to tackle your fear of heights by taking on an immense, suspended course that will really push your Stags to the limits!
  • Reference: PR-1769
  • Min No: 6
  • Assault Course

    £ 33.99
    It’s time to put you and your mates to the test! Get a great workout and see how you compare to a military assault course!
  • Reference: PR-4053
  • Min No: 10
  • Beer Tasting

    £ 29.99
    Give your taste buds a shake and try out some new beer - you might surprise yourself - something a bit different from your local - will you remember the name of your favourite.
  • Reference: PR-9316
  • Min No: 10
  • Bubble Football

    £ 29.99
    Bubble football now available in most UK Cities including Scotland. Best deals in the UK run by qualified referees. Hilarious and fun events suitable for everyone even non footballers!
  • Reference: PR-11248
  • Min No: 14
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting

    £ 34.99
    Do you have a steady hand? How about a good aim? Combine the two and you might just have what it takes to be the shotgun champion of your stag party.
  • Reference: PR-8633
  • Min No: 2
  • Go Karting

    £ 54.99
    Put your skills to the test as you race your stags on this high quality, indoor track! Push your kart to the limit as you aim for the podium!
  • Reference: PR-6176
  • Min No: 4
  • Hovercrafting

    £ 54.99
    Are you flying or driving? It’s hard to tell when you’re in control of a powerful, personal hovercraft! No matter the terrain, you’ll be able to glide with ease and skid as you turn.
  • Reference: PR-6976
  • Min No: 8
  • Mini Tank Driving

    £ 31.99
    Let’s go off road in style, or in this case - in Mini Tanks! You and your stags will be in control of realistic mini tanks as you try and negotiate a challenging woodland course.
  • Reference: PR-4839
  • Min No: 8
  • Paintball

    £ 15.99
    Take your stags head on in the best paintball experience in the North of England. Eight arena’s await you and your mates, providing a new and interesting challenge with each one!
  • Reference: PR-10798
  • Quad Biking

    £ 47.99
    Get a rush of adrenalin in your system before the stag night’s activities as you enjoy tackling fun out door obstacles on our woodland course! It’s time for some messy quad biking fun.
  • Reference: PR-9274
  • Min No: 1
  • Some of the most popular stag do activities in Leeds!

    Ee by gum, Leeds is becoming one of the most popular locations for a good stag do. They have a really great vibe here in Leeds. There are a number of places to grab a bite to eat here, ranging from good old fashioned ‘Yorkshire’ style pub food, as well as some more elaborate places as well. When here on a stag weekend it seems like every local you encounter wants to tell you a tale, but do not be put off by their weird appearance (I’m kidding – people of Leeds, I love you guys) they are all nice and friendly.

    Parkwood 4 X 4 offer the best 4 X 4 off-road driving in Leeds. These guys will take you on one hell of a ride and teach you how to handle these beasts! And perhaps even more ‘intense’ is sitting in the back of one of these 4 X 4’s as your mate is behind the wheel… your mate who should not even be allowed to drive a battery-powered car, let alone an off-road beast.

    A Leeds stag do simply must have you guys shooting at each other! As hand guns are illegal in this country, do the next best thing, which was paintballing! The guys at Delta Force paintball are just freaking nuts and they will have you suited up and ready for war in no time at all. No matter if you’re on the attacking team or the defending team, you’ll feel like some kind of super commando who’s ready to kick some ass. 

    The Xscape Centre in Leeds has a tonne of cool stuff going on, but the one thing a stag group should do is check out their Aerial sky ride. What the hell is an Ariel sky ride, I hear you ask? Well, it’s an obstacle course that’s just inches from the roof of this place! This is scary, exciting and one hell of a wild time!

    A stag weekend is the chance to get to do something you’ve always wanted to do, but never gone through with. No, I’m not talking about booking a lady of the night. I’m talking about getting to grips with a shotgun and doing some clay pigeon shooting. You will be with an instructor who will teach you how to shoot, and then you can see who is the best shooter out of you and your mates. 

    For you fine gents who have a need for speed, Leeds has you covered. A day go kart racing here is freaking awesome! This is one of the best go kart tracks I have ever seen. It’s full of twists and turns that will test your driving skills, but there are also some straights for any of you guys who like to put your foot down.  This is all about having fun, and even the worst driver in your group will at least have a little chance of getting on the podium at the end of the day.

    It may be an hour away, but this assault course  is well worth the drive. You see, this is the same assault course that they used on the TV show Krypton Factor. Just think of the bragging rights! Any time someone is talking crap in a bar, you can hit back with ‘yeah, well, I won the damn Krypton Factor son, so buy me a beer and bask in my awesomeness’. This is really fun and as well as testing you physically, you will also have to think and solve some puzzles as well.

    Some more crazy things to do in Leeds!

    Here are a few of the more ‘whacky’ things that you can do in Leeds... Stuff that is a wee bit out of the ordinary, but still a right good laugh, none the less.

    To start with I have something really badass for you guys: crossbow shooting! Guns, bows and arrows and tomahawks are really cool, but a crossbow is just so medieval that it takes shoot-em-ups to a whole new level. This shooting range will let you get to grips with a high powered crossbow and do some serious damage!

    Head into the heart of Yorkshire and do a bit of Gorge Walking! If you have ever watched Bear Grylls and thought that he was not that hard and you could do that, well now step up! Here you will head into caves, swim in creepy pools, climb up high rock faces and stare death right in the eye… Ok, so maybe you won’t do that, but this is one hell of a fun day full of action and adventure and for you guys who love the outdoors, you will get a real kick out of this.

    Even those in your stag group who do not like football will love a game of bubble football. This is a game where there is no skill involved! Even Ronaldo would not be able to get past a guy slamming into him here. You see, you will all be wearing these big inflatable zorb balls which throw your balance off and will have you running around like an idiot. And the best part of these is that to tackle a mate, you just run into him sending him flying… Probably with you falling on top of him.

    If you want to have a battle during your Leeds stag do then one way to make it really extreme is with a tank battle! You will get to drive these mini tanks that actually shoot. Now, you will not be firing huge missiles at your mates, but they do shoot paintballs! This is just a right good laugh and mixes getting to drive a tank with shooting your friends. What more could you want from a day out in Leeds?!

    How to ensure you have a good  and smooth stag do in Leeds

    I have a few suggestions here to make sure that your stag weekend goes off without a hitch. Here are my picks for doing the day-to-day stuff in the best way possible in Leeds. And making sure you keep out of the just god-awful places.

    Curing your hangover

    After a wild stag night you need a nice breakfast to cure that hangover and Deli 59 will hook you up. Eggs, bacon, white and black pudding and all the rest are available here. If you want a nice greasy breakfast that, as well as curing your hangover, will give your heart a good workout then this is the place. Also keep away from Beth’s Big Café, Beth is big, gross and never wears a bra and no one wants to see that while nursing a hangover. 

    A good place for lunch in Leeds

    For a nice filling lunch, you guys should go to Bella Italia. It may be a chain restaurant, but as you know, they have a menu here that will keep everyone in your stag group happy.  Yes, even the guy who is a total pain in the arse every time you guys go out for some food. My rule for eating in Leeds is to always walk straight out if the guy behind the counter is wearing a vest and is hairy... Never a good combination.

    Getting a taxi in Leeds

    Getting around Leeds during your stag do is no problem at all. There are a number of taxi firms here, with the largest two being Amber Cars and City Cabs. So no matter how wasted you get or if your dumb-ass mate twists his ankle doing something stupid, you will be able to call a taxi.

    When you should avoid Leeds

    To be honest there is not really anything major that I think would keep you away from Leeds at any particular time of the year, which is cool. I guess you could say that in the winter and wet months, some of the outdoor activities might be a bit of a nightmare or perhaps closed, but apart from that nothing really keeping you out of Leeds. Unless you have some restraining order that I do not know about.

    Sport in Leeds

    Sport is huge here in Leeds, and while the football team, Leeds UTD, may have struggled in recent years they are now back in the 2nd tier of football, and things have got a bit better. For you Rugby fans, Leeds Rhinos  are one of the most popular teams in the Super League. So while there is no major sporting event happening here every year, you can still go and watch football or rugby pretty easily. 


    One of the biggest summer festivals in the UK happens right here in Leeds in the very popular and freaking cool, Leeds Festival! Despite having a horribly unimaginative name, this is one hell of a great festival and attracts some of the biggest bands from all around the world. And if you are single, scoring at a festival is dead easy!

    Late-opening pharmacy

    As boring as it sounds, if you do need a pharmacy while on your stag do in Leeds then your best bet is the huge Tesco they have here. The actual pharmacy is only open till 9pm, but the shop is open 24-hours. 




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