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Leeds Stag Night Ideas

Leeds is more than just farmers and an awful football team! Only joking, Leeds United fans, relax. In fact, it’s also becoming a really popular stag night destination. Leeds has tonnes of things to do during the day and this is well complimented by the awesome things that you can get up to on a crazy stag night! A stag night in Leeds is sure as hell going to be one that will be talked about for years and years.

Top three nighttime activities in Leeds

Our Top Stag Night Ideas for Leeds

Bierkeller Deal

£ 18.99
Are you ready to visit Germany? You don't have to! Come and visit the new Bierkeller in Leeds for an authentic, German pub experience, complete with haus biers!
  • Reference: PR-10267
  • Comedy Club

    £ 18.99
    What would a Stag Night out in Leeds be without a laugh? Get the night off to a great start at this top comedy Club in Leeds. Top UK Stand ups will have everyone creasing themselves.
  • Reference: PR-9211
  • Min No: 2
  • Lap Dancing

    £ 9.99
    You will be blown away bythe girls at Silks, the leading Lap dancing Club in Leeds. Best atmosphere with top international acts to titillate all those alcohol riddled bodies of the Stag Do
  • Reference: PR-2059
  • Min No: 1
  • Night Club Entry- Tiger Tiger

    £ 9.99
    Sophisticated, stylish and higher class, Tiger Tiger is everything that you and your stags deserve on your night out! Don’t worry about waiting in line though, we’ve got you covered with Guest List entry!
  • Reference: PR-6179
  • Night Club Entry-Pryzm

    £ 9.99
    The success of any Stag Night in Leeds is totally dependent on getting in to the best nightclubs. With Guest list entry to Pryzm the night out is sorted.
  • Reference: PR-2132
  • Restaurant- Tapas

    £ 19.95
    The Spanish tapas style of food is perfect as part of a stag night out in Leeds. With something to appeal to everyone on the menu, this authentic Spanish fodd will hit the spot with the lads.
  • Reference: PR-1344
  • Restaurant - Italian

    £ 17.99
    Sit back and relax over this authentic Italian meal before your group of Stags hits all the pub, bars and nightclubs on the Leeds Stag Night circuit.
  • Reference: PR-10465
  • The best stag night ideas in Leeds

    Ok men, take a look at the most popular and proven-to-be-great stag night ideas in Leeds.

    No matter where you guys are, I will always suggest that you start your stag night off at a comedy club. Here in Leeds, Jongleurs Comedy Club is a venue where you guys will certainly be laughing your asses off. You get a really good mix of comedy styles here, and the night we went there were three different comedians taking the stage. You can check to see who’s performing before you go, but we just showed up and enjoyed the show that was on. Have a few drinks and then enjoy a night of awesome comedy! There really is no better way to start your Leeds stag night!

    Next up, I have for a you a fairly new club right in the heart of Leeds: Pryzm. Holy crap, this place looks like it’s some kind of futuristic nightclub, with LED lights, screens and a tonne of other tech stuff all over the place. I thought I had fallen into the movie Tron! This is a really cool nightclub which attracts all the sexy ladies, and is damned popular. But you don’t have to worry about standing in a queue for half an hour without any kind of hope of getting in, as you can get on the guest list!

    A stag group owes it to a groom to take him to a club where he can see some world class T & A! And that my friends is what you get at Silks Lap Dancing Club! This is my kind of club as it really does cater to everyone. You have your pole dancing and stag shows which are freaking awesome by the way. But also if you want, you can all chip in and get the groom a special, fully nude private dance! If you want to send him off into his new married life in the best way possible then you need to have a sexy fully naked chick grinding on his lap!

    Next up I have for you what is genuinely one of the most fun bars I have been into ever and that is  The Bierkeller German Bar. This celebrates everything that is awesome about Germany……. Mainly the awesome beers and those insane oversized mugs that they have! They take it way over the top and a night here is really fun. They also have a ton of different events on during the year as well from live German music to fun competitions that you can get involved with.

    I would say that Tiger Tiger is easily one of the biggest nightclub franchises in the UK. The one in Leeds is also one of the most popular clubs that Leeds has to offer. This is a huge ass nightclub and there are many areas inside which I always think is cool, as it means you guys can find your own little bit of the club where you fit right in. You can drink, dance and try your luck with the local Leeds ladies. So while a ‘chain’ nightclub may not sound like fun, you’re always guaranteed a great time here.

    Here I have for you something that is a little more slowly paced, and somewhere that you can relax for an hour or two before really getting into your stag night: the Italian restaurant Bella Italia. I freaking love Bella Italia, and let me tell you why… They have a fantastic menu that has things like pasta, spaghetti and of course about 568 different varieties of pizza to choose from. This is a rare restaurant that really does have a menu that will make even your fussiest mate happy. It’s a cool place to kick back, have a couple of beers to get warmed up, eat some nice food and then tackle the pubs and clubs of Leeds.

    Oh, I’m not done with you yet!

    That’s right, I have a few more amazing Leeds stag night ideas for you fine gents. So please read on and see what else Leeds has on offer!

    First of all I have what I think is one of the coolest bars/clubs in Leeds, which is the Stone Roses Bar. This is not a dance club – the focus here is indie and rock music – so for any of you guys who are not into the whole dance scene, you’ll find the Stone Roses Bar perfect. On most weekends they have live bands playing here, which is always cool for a stag night.

    Do you have the detective skills of a high ranking police officer? Are you willing to ask all the tough questions like James Bond? Will you use your problem solving skills to solve a murder and catch a cold-blooded killer before that son of a bitch strikes again? If the answer is “yes” then you’re ready for a fun-filled and over-the-top Murder Mystery Evening. I’m sure a few of your mates will not be keen on this when you tell them, but I promise you that by the end of the night everyone will be saying how amazing it was! There are all kinds of different ‘cases’ that you can pick from, ranging from the murder of a Hollywood star to the kidnapping of James Bond! This is one hell of a fun night and a great way to make your stag night really stand out.

    Here we have another top class nightclub for you, which is Control! This is a very popular club and the place is huge. It is said that there are sometimes as many as 3000 (not a typo, by the way) people in this club! One of the reasons that I picked this nightclub as one of my favourites is because it’s very popular with the ladies, and there are bound to be a few hen groups in there for you guys to ‘mix’ with. All in all, this is just a really fun club and I am positive you guys will have a wild time.

    Lastly, I have for you Wildcats Lap Dancing Club! I can hear some nerd right now saying “but you already suggested a lap dancing club!” Yeah, but there is nothing wrong with going to a lap dancing club on both Friday and Saturday nights, now is there? Hell, I actually recommend it, especially when Wildcats has one of the most diverse line ups of girls I have ever seen in a lap dancing club. I swear they must hire their dancers from all corners of the globe! This is a fun night, a good bar and there are some more private areas if you want a little bit of bulge-in-the-pants-inducing action!

    You’re on a need to know basis… and this is stuff you need to know!

    Here is my… let’s just say… mini guide to make sure that you are well fed, picked up and also make sure you do not die(!) during your Leeds stag weekend!

    Eating with a bit of class

    I know that some stag groups like to have something of a posh slap-up meal during the weekend. Well, if you want a fine dining experience, then Kendell’s Bistro will sort you out. This is a French restaurant that is very classy with a nice setting, some huge ass chairs that look like they were taken from Game Of Thrones and a very diverse menu which, to be honest, took me by surprise.

    A tonne of food for very little cash!

    Some stag groups like to load up on as much food as they can, as cheaply as possible (which is something I sure as hell can relate to, not that I am a cheap bastard or anything!). With that in mind, I was well and truly stuffed after eating at The Red Hot World Buffet. Let me tell you, this chain is fast becoming my go-to place when I have to go and check a town or city out! They have food from all over the world and it’s all you can eat! It’s just a perfect restaurant for a stag night!

    It’s 2:35am and you need a taxi… who ya gonna call?

    If you said anything other than “Ghostbusters” then we cannot be friends! But if you do need a taxi to get your drunken ass back to the hotel, or to take a lady who you may (or may not) have paid for, then call Amber Cars and they will take care of you.

    I picked a fight with a street light… and lost (medical treatment in Leeds!)

    I have travelled with my fair share of colourful characters, lively lads or just plain morons, and I know that on a stag night (or any other night) when the drink starts flowing, people can get hurt! Well never fear, the Leeds General Infirmary can sort you out.

    Live music in Leeds

    Leeds has some really cool, small and intimate places to catch a live band, but if you want to see one of the larger acts who tour all over the country, then you will need to see who is playing at the  First Direct Arena, which is the largest arena here, or the  O2 Academy, which if you ask me attracts the  ‘cooler’ bands.

     Chilling to the max

    If your stag night has got out of hand and you need a quiet place to catch your breath, have a quiet drink, get your batteries recharged or just hide from the police, then I suggest you head to the laid back and funky Azucar Bar.



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