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How do you fancy causing some havoc at this paintball site and then causing more mayhem at both a Leeds lap dancing club and a Night Clubâ–º2 nights accommodation, Lap Dancing Club Entry and Nightclub Entry on both nights.
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Paintball and Lap Dancing Package

Paintball Havoc!

Create some havoc with your mates as you battle through some iconic scenes from games and movies, before heading to the clubs at night! Guest list entry to Tiger Tiger, Oceana and entry to Silks Club on top of eight paintball matches - You don’t want to miss this!

Now as with any great stag do, you’ve got to have some competition as well as an opportunity to set up your Stag! Combine the two with this kickass paintball-club package! You’ll have accommodation in the city, paintball during the day and of course guest list entry to Tiger Tiger, making it easy to get everyone inside! If that’s not enough, for good measure you also get entry to Silks Club so you can enjoy the incredible show these beautiful girls put on!

Accommodation  for your weekend.

To make sure you don’t have to spend a lot of time in transit, we’ve put you in the city centre keeping you close to everything you want! Clubs, pubs and shops are just a few minutes away, making them easy to get to, especially in the early morning when it’s time to go! You’ll be staying in multi-occupancy rooms to keep the group together and make it easier to plan your days. This way there will be plenty of opportunity for pranks and set ups to get your mates and of course the Stag himself!

The best part about this accommodation is that it keeps things cheap! The money you save can now go to things to keep you entertained instead of paying for overpriced accommodation. If however you want something a bit more luxurious or private, we can do that too, just call and let us know!

Lap Dancing - Silks Club - Friday Evening

Now to start your weekend off with a little bit of class, you will be treated to the phenomenal dancers at Silks club. If you haven’t heard, Silks club is the place to go for live entertainment, sports and a good time in general. This place has one phenomenal bar with ridiculously low prices to make sure you have a good time when watching live strip and pole dancing shows. Four plasma, HD screens will be playing the latest sports and of course there is plenty of opportunity for off the floor shows!

Night Club Guest List Entry - Tiger Tiger/Oceana - Friday Night

After you’ve enjoyed yourself at Silks Club, you’ll head to Tiger Tiger or Oceana to experience some of the best atmosphere of your life. Leeds city centre comes alive in the weekend after the sun goes down. To make sure there’s no hassle getting in, you’ll be on the guest list so there won’t be any problems with bouncers.

Inside there will be the hottest tracks playing to a great crowd dancing. Get a drink, find a place and start partying till the early hours. You’ll be spending the night in great company and a great crowd - what could be better?

Paintball Games - Saturday Daytime

It’s time to take tactical advantage of those of you who are really feeling worse for wear after last night. Make sure they really feel it by shooting them with your professional grade paintball gun. This experience allows you to play in some game inspired settings as well as some authentic Viet Cong jungle! If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you can even take on post-apocalyptic London! This will get your blood pumping and set you up for the big finale!

Night Club Guest List Entry - Tiger Tiger/Oceana - Saturday Night

Now to make sure you have a great time, you’ll be visiting the club that you didn’t go to the night before. Both of these clubs are vying for the title of best club in Leeds, so naturally, we thought it best for you all to have a taste of both. Again you’ll be straight inside, no need to wait around! Great drinks, great music and a great time altogether, what more needs to be said?

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