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Liverpool Stag Day Ideas

How To Throw The Ultimate Liverpool Stag Day

Alright lad, grab your shell suit, perm that hair and get ready to do things the scouse way as you guys have one mental Liverpool stag day! Seriously there is just tons and tons of things for you lads to get up to here and right down below we are looking at the best of what this crazy city has to offer!

The Top Liverpool Stag Day Ideas

. Paintball

. Quad Biking

. Clay Pigeon Shooting

Check Out Our Amazing Liverpool Stag Day Ideas!


£ 29.99
Archery requires a steady hand, determination and co-ordination something that might not be in abundance after the Stag night. Whatever- it is still a great laugh as part of a Stag Day in Manchester
  • Reference: PR-1548
  • Min No: 7
  • Bubble Football

    £ 29.99
    Bubble football now available in most UK Cities including Scotland. Best deals in the UK run by qualified referees. Hilarious and fun events suitable for everyone even non footballers!
  • Reference: PR-11248
  • Min No: 14
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting

    £ 49.99
    2 hour clay pigeon shooting session near Kingsley, Frodsham. Set in 200 acres of woodlands, perfect for all group types and skill levels. 30 clays
  • Reference: PR-7231
  • Go-Karting Outdoor Grand Prix

    £ 54.99
    1.5 to 2hr go karting session The activity includes - safety briefing, necessary equipment, practice session & friendly competition.
  • Reference: PR-5464
  • Min No: 6
  • Quad Biking

    £ 54.99
    t’s time to get dirty! No not like that! I am talking about tearing it up around the countryside on some amazing, high powered quad bikes. What a time your stags are going to have here.
  • Reference: PR-7230
  • Raft Building

    £ 40.00
    When you fine gents pick raft building as part of your Liverpool stag weekend then you will be picking one hell of a fun activity.
  • Reference: PR-1578
  • Min No: 8
  • Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

    £ 15.95
    Take a trip on the Magical Mystery Tour to discover the real Beatles Liverpool. Get up close to Penny Lane, Strawberry Field and their childhood homes.
  • Reference: PR-10882
  • White Water Rafting

    £ 350.00
    If you are looking for the ultimate thrills with your stags then whitewater rafting fits the bill perfectly. Exciting, wet, exhilarating and bonding for everyone.
  • Reference: PR-8525
  • Min No: 4
  • Inflatable White Water Kayaking

    £ 58.99
    Make sure you bring a change of underwear as you take part in one of the most awesomely scary Liverpool stag day ideas around…. White water kayaking
  • Reference: PR-10120
  • Min No: 4
  • Duckies Experience

    £ 56.99
    Half-day duckies session. Duckies are more exciting than traditional rafting as there's a bit more skill and teamwork involved as you work together to negotiate the rapids and drops.
  • Reference: PR-10644
  • Min No: 4
  • Here we have the most “calm down, calm down” mental stag day activities that you can get up to here.


    You really cannot go wrong with a day of shooting your mates in the arse during a game of paintball. Here you have 60 acres of land to use are your warzone. There are all kinds of areas and structures that you can use to give yourself a tactical advantage so you can get the drop on your friends……. Or to run, hide and cry if things are getting a bit too intense for you.  Paintball is a sport where you can work as a team to give you the best chance of winning or you can try and be a one man army, a badass that not even the A-Team would screw with!

    Quad Biking

    Quad Biking here is a right good laugh. To start with this is an activity that can be done by anyone no matter how crap a driver they are. But this is more than just pissing around a field on quad bikes. Here you will be actually going on a pretty awesome trek that will see you get to really experience just how powerful these quad bikes are as you get to test them out on all kinds of terrain. As an added bonus we are sure at least one of you will end up in a bush during the trek which is always funny…… well as long as it is not you who are the one in the bush. 

    Clay Pigeon Shooting

    Now think about it is there anything more manly than firing off a few rounds with a kick ass shotgun? We do not think there is and now you guys can really make the groom feel like a big man by taking him for a round of, clay pigeon shooting. Here you guys will be taught by a bloke who knows what he is doing as he has been doing this for years, the proper way to handle and fire a shotgun. From there it is a challenge to see who can hit the most clay pigeons and thus be crowned the big man of the group!

    Bubble Football

    Ok so Liverpool and Everton are not winning the league any time soon, but this is a city that loves their football. Well for you footie fans a game of Bubble Football is just what you need. Your Ronaldo style cross overs will not help you here. Your upper body is in a giant inflatable ball so prepare to get smashed around and do some smashing of your own as you try to score a goal. This is a great laugh and an ideal activity if you are looking for something that lasts just an hour or two. 

    Indoor Rock Climbing

    Next up we have an activity for you boys that is really going to push you to the edge! A day of Indoor rock climbing is all about you trying to conquer your fears and make it to the top of the wall! Or at the very least not look like a total wimp in front of your mates. Now do not start peeing your pants already as this place caters for people who have never done this type of thing before as they have huge walls and smaller ones for beginners. To make this a truly mental day you can all get dressed up and try to scale the walls as Spider-Man or some other character. 

    Off Road Driving

    Another fun, but manly activity is a day of off road driving. Here you will get to take turns putting a huge ass, 4 X 4 through its paces as you take it through water, over hills and down some of the steepest slopes you will ever see. This is a lot of laughs and it actually feels more like you are playing a video game than driving a car.  A trained instructor is always on hand to offer advice on how to get past tricky sections of the course and also make sure no one dies.

    More Awesome Liverpool Stag Day Ideas

    Hey do not put away your purple and blue shell suit just yet! We still have four more, Liverpool stag day activities for you to look at.

    High Ropes Course

    See if you are brave enough to take on this epic, high ropes course. This is what you would expect from an obstacle course. There are all kinds of things you need to climb over, jump over, scale and climb down. The difference here though is that the course is located high up off the ground. While you will be harnessed for safety it is still pretty damn scary and we are sure at least one of you is going to freak out!

    Indoor Paintballing

    Look we know we have already suggested paintballing up above, but this is different this is indoor paintballing. While the idea of the game is the same, you need to shoot your mates before they shoot you. The indoor nature of this makes things a bit different. To start with it feels way more claustrophobic and there are not as many places to hide. This makes for a bit more of a fast paced and action packed type of game. In many ways this is as close to being in a real life Call Of Duty or Halo game as you are ever going to get!

     The Beatles Story

    Ah what would Liverpool be without The Beatles? As one of the most famous and influential bands of all time here at The Beatles Story, you will get to learn all kinds of information about the fab 4 from their humble beginnings to seeing all kinds of amazing and rare memorabilia. For fans of The Beatles or just fans of music in general this is sure as hell one thing you are going to want to check out. 

    Go Karting

    This may be a 30 minute drive from Liverpool, but this amazing, in door go karting track is well worth it! This is balls to the wall, lightning fast go karting action on a course that has been designed to let you really go fast! Twists and turns are there for the more skilful drivers to take advantage of, but one thing we can assure you of is everyone will be having the best damn time here. They love stag groups here and will really go above and beyond to make sure you guys are having the best, F1 style experience possible. 

    A few Things To Know About When Having A Liverpool Stag Day

    Check out this guide of things you need to know about Liverpool to make sure your stag day runs smoothly.

    A Good Place To Eat

    To make sure you are eating where there is something for everyone, even My Fussy Arse, we recommend that you guys head to the Red Hot World Buffet all the food you can eat for a very reasonable price make this a place where you can literally eat until your body cannot handle anymore. 

    A Good Taxi Firm

    Make sure you get around the city in style and that no one has to be a designated driver by giving the good folks at, Alpha a call. They are one of the best firms in the city and will be more than happy to take you from activity to activity. 

    Is There A Bad Time To Come Here?

    To be honest there is not a bad time to come here. If you are not a football fan then the city may be a bit of a nightmare when the Mersey Side derby is on, but that is it really.

    Any Sports Action In Liverpool?

    Home to Liverpool and  Everton football clubs, Liverpool is one of the proudest football cities in the whole of Europe. 

    Getting Patched Up

    We know better than anyone that a Liverpool stag day can see someone need to do some MacGyver style DIY patch up job on themselves. Well if that is the case Numark Pharmacies have a few different stores in the city.  

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