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Make sure you bring a change of underwear as you take part in one of the most awesomely scary Liverpool stag day ideas around…. White water kayaking
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White Water Kayaking Liverpool


Make sure you bring a change of underwear as you take part in one of the most awesomely scary Liverpool stag day ideas around…. White water kayaking! This is for you boys who are looking for something action packed, balls to the wall and something that you are all going to be talking about for a long time to come…….. Wimps need not apply!

What To Expect:

The first thing that you need to expect when you book a half day of white water kayaking is that everyone is going to have a hell of a lot of fun. Even the blokes who are screaming and are pretty sure they are going to die while they are hauling ass down the river, once they reach the end of the river will be full of adrenaline and have a huge smile on their faces. White water kayaking can be scary…… but it is scary in the best damn possible way!

What Will Happen:

It is hard to think of another Liverpool stag day activity that mixes team work with competing against each other as well as white water kayaking does, but this is a huge reason as to why this is perfect for your stag do as you will get to be in teams, working together, but you will want to make sure that it is your team who is kicking ass and flying down those rapids.

You guys will meet at the “activity centre” and there you will check in, get your gear and get a little bit of information about what you can expect for the day. The staff here are pretty awesome and they will not only fill you gents in on what to expect and make sure that you are safe, but they will also keep things nice and loose and make sure that you are all having some laughs and a great time. The place you will be white water kayaking is only about two miles away from the activity centre so it will not take you too long to get there at all.

These kayaks can sit either two or three people of course it depends on…… your size as to if there will be two or three men per kayak. The idea of the day is to get down the river as fast as you can…… and to look like a total boss while doing so. This is one hell of a crazy fast river and you will have to work with your mate in the kayak with you to make sure you are getting down the river properly. You guys can work together to make sure it is your kayak who gets to the end point first and thus gets all the bragging rights and a few beers bought for you in the bar afterwards…… by the way after this event, you will sure as hell feel like you have earned those beers!

White water kayaking is just an all-round awesome, Liverpool stag day idea and something that blends action, team work, competiveness and just general baddassness into one amazing package.

What You Need To Know:

Prepare yourself for your epic day of white water rafting by checking the info down below out!

Clothing: Well this is white water kayaking so as you would expect, you guys are going to get soaked! So wear old clothes and old trainers that you do not mind getting all wet. Be sure to bring a towel and a change of clothes with you for when you are done.

How Long Does This Last?: White water kayaking is classed as a half day activity and it is only available on Sundays…… and Wednesday, but as this is a stag weekend, you guys will be doing it on Sunday. They have a morning session which runs from 09:00 to 12:30 and they also have an afternoon sessions if which starts at 13:30 and ends at around 17:00 which is ideal if you need to sleep of a hangover.

What About The Weather?: Unless there is some pretty severe snow or some kind of torrential rain happening then chances are if you are up to it, you can make this part of your Liverpool stag weekend no matter what the weather is like.

How Many People Can Do This?: At least two people are required to take part in a white water kayaking session. The maximum number of blokes that can come here is 12. 

More Info for your Stag Group:

Minimum Age :

Minimum Number in Booking :


Maximum Number in Single Booking :


What You Need to Bring :

Activity Duration (in minutes) :


Start Times :

9:00 13:30

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