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Liverpool Stag Night Ideas

How To Throw The Ultimate Liverpool Stag Night

Alright there lad, Liverpool is a city that has one hell of a wild nightlife. With free flowing booze and lots of scouse ladies wearing very little clothing. This is a city that has everything you need to make sure you are sending the groom off in style!

The Top Liverpool Stag Night Ideas

. Rude Lap Dancing Club

. Party Bus

. Comedy Club

Here The Top Liverpool Stag Night Ideas

Just below we have all the activities that have proven to be big hits with blokes coming here for a wild weekend!

Rude Lap Dancing Club

Rude Lap Dancing Club gives you guys what every man is just praying will happen during a Liverpool stag weekend and that is the chance to see some smoking hot ladies take off their clothes! Well you can do that here and best of all as this is a stag do, you can make it sound like you are just doing it for the groom all the while your eyes do not know where to look as there is girls on the stage dancing, girls pole dancing and plenty of areas where you can get a boner inducing private dance!  

Party Bus

Liverpool really is home to some of the craziest and most wild bars and clubs that we have ever seen. Knowing which ones to go to though can require some serious research, but let’s face it who can be arsed with that? Instead book a night on the Party Bus and let them take you to the best bars before taking you to one of the best clubs in the city at the end of the night. Best part of this is the actual bus itself which always has great tunes playing and they allow you to drink on board!

Comedy Club

We always say one of the best ways to make sure any stag night gets off on the right foot is with a few beers and a couple of hours at a comedy club. Here they get some pretty big names to perform such as people like Chris Ramsey. As well as getting in the acts that you know, they also let some lesser known acts take to the stage as well.  So sit back, relax and enjoy a night of awesome comedy with a beer in your hand the whole time of course.

The Krazyhouse

Wow how do we describe the insaneness that is The Krazyhouse? This is the Liverpool nightlife at its very best with three floors of action in a club that is designed to look like some kind of twisted carnival that has come from the imagination of someone like Tim Burton. If you love a good party atmosphere then this is the club for you. As well as being a great place to go wild they also have tons of crazy deals on drinks here with most nights having some kind of 2 4 1 deal going on. 

Topless Waitress

A topless waitress is exactly what it sounds like, a lady who will come and look after you boys, but do it with next to no clothes on. This is such a great, Liverpool stag night idea and one that is surely going to make this a night you all remember. Your waitress will be more than just a pretty face and a set of boobs. She will host your evening incredibly well and be one skilled cocktail maker, pouring you guys all kinds of epic drinks. 

Casino Night

If you guys want to add a little bit of excitement during your stag night then one of the best ways to do this is by putting a couple of quid on the line at one of Liverpool’s top, casinos. Here you have all kinds of games to take part in for example if you love to play online poker then here you can try the real thing! Also they have about a million slot machines for you to play which let’s face it even if you know nothing about gambling, you will be able to play a slot machine. This is just a really cool place and they have a bar, place to eat and they even offer a number of great deals specifically catered to stag groups.

More Ways To Have A Great Liverpool Stag Night

Those up top is not all Liverpool has for you guys! Here we have another four awesome places for your drunken asses to check out.

Hot Female Stripper

Booking a female stripper is something that has been done for generations and Liverpool is home to some very sexy ladies who will come to your hotel or maybe even a location in town and give the groom to be an epic sexy strip show. One thing we love about this is that if the groom gets into it then fine it is fun for everyone, but sometimes the groom will get horribly embarrassed which is funny as hell for the rest of you guys!

Shooters Bar

Shooters Sports Bar is one of the greatest sports bars in the country. This is a proper blokes type of bar and it is just bloody perfect for a stag night. There are a number of TV’s here showing things like football, rugby and UFC. They also have a Man vs Food Challenge where you can take on one of their crazy dishes such as The Wings Of Fire or The Sky Scraper Burger. If you pass the challenge then you are treated like a rock star, but if you fail you will be named and shamed on their wall of failures! A few drinks here during a Liverpool stag weekend is something you simply must do!

X In The City

Do not worry this has nothing to do with that garbage TV show the ladies loved, X In The City is actually one of the best lap dancing clubs in Liverpool. They have some very hot ladies here and they put on all kinds of shows with their erotic dance shows being something the club is famous for. One thing we do suggest is that you guys all put your hands in your pockets (no not for that you dirty gits!) and get the groom a private dance. 

Shiverpool Ghost Walk

Last of all we have for you, Shiverpool Ghost Walk. Now we know this sounds a weird thing to suggest for a stag weekend, but this is actually a lot of fun. If you love things like horror movies and scary video games then you are going to get a real sick, kick out of this! You will be taken on a tour by a very creepy host to a number of the most haunted areas of Liverpool. The guy hosting the tour does an amazing job in selling you how haunted these places are and by the time the tour is over you will be running to the nearest bar for a shot of whisky 

The Need To Know About A Liverpool Stag Night

Know what taxi firm to use and what to do if one of you gets beaten up by a lamppost with this great mini guide.

A Great Place To Have A Meal

We love to recommend the Bella Italia to people. It may be a chain, but this Italian serves up pizza, burgers and everything else a group of lads could want. Plus the prices here are very reasonable and they do have a well stocked bar also.  This is just a very laid back and friendly place to enjoy a meal with your mates.

No Questions Asked Way To Get Back To Your Digs

Liverpool Cabs is the type of taxi firm who are more than happy to take you guys to a bar or club and they are even cool with taking that not too hot looking girl, you hooked up with back to her place at 3 am without passing any kind of judgement.

Live Music In Liverpool

The number one venue in Liverpool for live bands is the Liverpool Echo Arena. This is where all the big bands will come to play when they are touring the UK

Where To Get Medical Treatment

The Royal Liverpool Hospital is where you will need to head to if one of you gets so drunk that you think a fight with a post box is a good idea. Or if you decide to see what will happen if you lick that frozen lamp post! A Liverpool stag night has to be crazy, but stay classy and stay safe people! 

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