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1.5 to 2hr go karting session The activity includes - safety briefing, necessary equipment, practice session & friendly competition.
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Outdoor Go Kart Grand Prix Liverpool


Go karting is ideal for a Liverpool stag weekend that is looking to have some fast as hell action! This is one of the most popular stag activities all over the UK and right here in Liverpool you get as close to the real F1 experience as you are ever going to get!

What To Expect:

This is an activity that at the end of the day is just all about you maniacs having the best damn time possible. There will be lots of tire screeching, laughs, good times and most probably one of you crying about not winning! You really can expect to have the best day possible when you come here. Without a doubt a day of go karting here will be a major highlight of your Liverpool stag do.

What Will Happen:

If you love F1 racing you can either stay in your hotel room playing racing games on the Playstation or you can get your asses down here and get just a wee taste of what it is like to be an actual F1 driver! They really pride themselves on making sure you have a great day out here and your day starts off in a pretty cool way. You will be given a drivers briefing where the staff will tell you a little bit about the karts and the track so you have an idea of what to expect. You will also be given your race suits….. that is right, you actually get to wear proper racing suits! And of course they will give you a helmet to make sure that everything is nice and safe.

From here you gents will head on over to the pits where you get a kart briefing. Here you will be taught the basics of the karts, how to get in them, drive them and so on. This does not take too long and then before you know it, you will be getting in the karts and cutting loose on the track. To make sure things are fair, you will each get to run a couple of practice laps to get the kart warmed up and give you an idea of how to take the track and also give you a wee confidence boost. The track has been designed so that people new to go karts can have a lot of fun by tearing down the straights, but there are also more than a few tricky and twisty sections where skilful drivers can show off their driving skills and really dominate the race.

The main event of your day of racing will be split into three rounds. You will get to compete in two heats to see who is the fastest drivers and then there will be a grand finale. The grand final is where we will see who is the best driver in the group…… this is where all those years of playing Need For Speed or Mario Kart will pay off! While this is all about having fun, you will want to try your best to win as there is a trophy presentation for the man who comes in first. But better than the trophy is the bragging rights that you will have for the rest of your lives!

This outdoor go karting track is just perfect for a Liverpool stag weekend. It is first of all a crazy amount of fun, but honestly you do not even have to be that good a driver to really enjoy yourself here. So if you are wanting an activity that is fast, fun and a ten on the awesome scale then this is it!

What You Need To Know:

Right here we give you a little bit more information on what you need to know and expect from a day of outdoor go kart racing.

Clothing: You will be wearing a racing suit over your clothes so just wear something that is comfortable and suitable for what the weather is like on the day. A pair of shoes where you can easily move your feet is also recommended.

How Long Does This Last?: Your day of outdoor go karting will last you around two hours and the best part of this is that most of this two hours will be spent actually racing the go karts!

What About The Weather?: This is an outdoor track so if there is snow or just really heavy, crazy rain then it may not be open, but some drivers do say a little bit of water on the track does make things that extra bit more exciting and unpredictable.

How Many People Can Do This?: They have a good number of karts here so if you have a larger stag group you will be ok, but really large stag groups may require you to take turns. They do have a minimum requirement of people to make a booking here and that is six people.


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