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When you fine gents pick raft building as part of your Liverpool stag weekend then you will be picking one hell of a fun activity.
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Raft Building Liverpool


When you fine gents pick raft building as part of your Liverpool stag weekend then you will be picking one hell of a fun activity. An activity that will mix DIY, team work, competitiveness and of course a whole lot of laughs. This is a great way to spend an hour and something that you will be laughing about for weeks to come!

What To Expect:

You guys will have just such an awesome day here! This is an activity that is really going to make you think and have to work as part of a team as the teams where one bloke just tries to take over and do it all himself fail….. well unless that bloke is Tommy Walsh or some other kind of DIY expert of course. In all you boys can expect to have just a really fun time and have some awesome memories afterwards.

What Will Happen:

You guys will head to a river/lake and you will be given a quick little briefing from the staff of what you are going to be doing. Let us just say that the staff here have dealt with tons and we mean tons of different stag groups over the years so you guys are in very good…… and pretty crazy hands. They will split you into two teams or if there is not a large number of you, you can work in just one big group.

The idea of your day here is to build a raft. We are not talking about some tiny, pissy toy raft here! We are talking about an actually, fully functioning raft that is going to be able to take your teams weight and actually set sail into the lake! You will be given a load a materials that you will need to use to make your raft. You will be given more than enough stuff and the key here is to figuring out what is actually needed to make your raft actually work and what you do not need. You will want to think before you build, but at the same time you are against the clock so do not piss around too much!

The staff will always be on hand to offer some advice, but they will never directly get involved and tell you how to do something. Part of the fun here if there is more than one group of stags is peeking over and stealing ideas from the other team…… or just shouting over and telling them how crap their raft is in order to throw them off a little bit!

Once you have had time to build your raft it is time to put it to the ultimate test and see how it fares out on the water! You guys will all need to get on the raft and set sail. One of the most extreme tests that you will put your raft through is the jump test where you jump in the air and see if the raft can take it…… 99/100 the raft explodes and you all end up in the water, but it is funny as hell and just part of what makes this such a great day….. of course there is always the chance that your group could be that one group to actually build a good, solid seaworthy raft!

For a fun Liverpool stag day idea, you boys should really look into this day of raft building!

What You Need To Know:

Here we have the things you need to know when you make, raft building part of your epic Liverpool stag weekend.

Clothing: Old ass clothes and trainers!!! You guys are pissing around in water and near mud so just be sure to wear your old, haggard clothes that you do not mind getting ruined. Be sure to bring with you a towel and a change of clothes. Safety gear such as a life preserver will be provided for you.

How Long Does This Last?: You guys will have around an hour to build and sail your raft. Be sure to be here before your start time and please note that afterwards, you will have time to get yourselves dry and changed before you need to leave.

What About The Weather?: If you can handle the cold or the rain then chances are you will be able to still do this! Of course if the weather is really mental, like snowing, pouring rain or just unbearably windy then this raft building activity may be cancelled, but it is very rare for that to happen.

How Many People Can Do This?: Part of what makes this so popular is that as well as being a good laugh they can take pretty large stag groups here. But they do have a minimum number of people which is eight. 

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