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If you are looking for the ultimate thrills with your stags then whitewater rafting fits the bill perfectly. Exciting, wet, exhilarating and bonding for everyone.
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White Water Rafting Liverpool

If you are reading this then we know you and your mates are either pretty extreme, crazy or some kind of tremendous combination of both! White Water Rafting is perhaps the most epic of epic, Liverpool stag day ideas. This is an activity that is for real men and something that you gents will remember forever. So keep on reading to see why this is something you should do!

What To Expect:

The first thing that you need to expect when you are having a day of white water rafting is a lot of fun….. and also that you are going to get wetter than you have ever gotten before! This is an activity that is just balls to the wall, 100 mph and nonstop action and you boys are going to freaking love it! While scary at first by the time you get to the end of the river, you will be cheering, shouting…… and possibly looking for a clean pair of pants as well.

What Will Happen:

The River Dee is where you will be hauling ass down, but before that you will meet with your guide who will explain to you guys what is going to be happening. You will have a little safety briefing and you will also get your safety gear which includes a safety helmet and a life preserver…. Yeah this is so extreme, you need a helmet and some safety gear.

You guys will be traversing around 4 km of water and you will be taking on some of the most amazing rapids that the UK has to offer. Rapids that you will be taking on include, Town Falls, Serpents Tail, Boulder Blast and our personal favourite…. Tombstones! You know it is not messing around when it is called Tombstones. Your guide will make sure that as well as being safe that you boys have a great time making your way down the river. He will be there to offer some advice and keep you boys kicking ass. Working as a team here is vital to making sure you get down the river not only in a safe manor, but also in a pretty damn cool way as well.

A Liverpool stag weekend should be the ultimate party and it goes without saying that a Liverpool stag night is always a wild time. But we here think your day should be just as wild and crazy. That is why an activity like white water rafting is such a great activity for you guys as it is just as mental as your night out is going to be. If you want to make sure that the groom is going to remember this weekend for the rest of his life then this is the activity you want to do! There is no way in hell anyone ever forgets their time on The River Dee.

What You Need To Know:

Make sure that you know what you need when you roll up for your day of white water rafting by checking out this need to know information down below.

Clothing: be sure to bring old clothes and old trainers with you. The last thing you want is for your expensive pair of Nike Air Max to get water logged. You will have some waterproofs, but there is no way to avoid getting wet here, but that is part of the fun. A towel, change of footwear and a change of clothes (including socks and underwear) is essential.

How Long Does This Last? Your day of white water rafting will last you gents around two hours. Be sure to arrive at your meeting point nice and early. People showing up late may have their trip cancelled. Two hours may not seem like a long time, but when you are sitting in the pub afterwards, you feel like you have earned those beers!

What About The Weather? White water rafting is an extreme type of activity and a little bit or rain or wind just adds to the general awesomeness of the activity. But if the weather is really bad….. we are talking blizzard like snow or gale force winds then it may be cancelled. But it is very rare that they cancel on a group here.

How Many People Can Do This? The rafts are a good size and depending on the size of you gents they can hold between four to seven people. If you have a larger stag group then you will spilt into groups and use a few rafts. 

More Info for your Stag Group:

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Start Times :

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