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Liverpool Stag Weekends

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Why Liverpool Is An Amazing Place For A Stag Weekend

Liverpool is a pretty damn crazy city it is just perfect for a group of lads who want nothing more than to just go wild for a weekend. This is why it is becoming a more and more popular stag do location. While we all know Liverpool is a great city. It is also a city of culture and if you guys are not to hungover, you can take in some of the more “cultural” things that Liverpool has to offer. There are also a number of awesome day time activities you can do to really make sure you are sending the groom off in the best possible way.

How To Get To Liverpool

Just head West and follow the sirens and police cars, chances are they will be heading to Liverpool…… I am kidding, relax. Anyway Liverpool is very easy to get to if you are coming by car once on the M6, you can use the M56, M58 and M62 to get here nice and easy. Most places in the UK also offer coach services getting to Liverpool. You can get here on the train, but many places will require you to make at least one change.

Fun Liverpool Stag Day Ideas

While the stag night is seen by many as the main event of a stag weekend. The stag day is just as important in having a memorable and awesome stag do and with that being said here are some fun, Liverpool stag day ideas.


Man, you guys really are in for a great (and pretty painful) day when you sign up for a game of paintball. Here you guys have the latest paintball guns that are not only powerful, but very accurate as well and you also have around 60 acres to fight in. You get put into teams and then it is time to go to battle. All those games of Call Of Duty, Halo and Battlefield have prepared you for this! So get out there and kick some ass! You can work as a team to ensure you have the best chance of victory or you can say, screw that and just go out on your own, Rambo style! This is a great stag do idea and one that will be talked about for weeks after. 

Football Stadium Tour

Liverpool is a football city….. sure it has been a while since either Liverpool or Everton won anything worthwhile, but the fact is they are two of the mainstays of the Premier League and both teams have a very decorated history. Taking a stadium tour of either stadium is a great time, you get to learn a little about the history of the club and get to see a side of the stadium that you never do when you watch the games on TV. If you are football fans this is something I highly recommend you guys look into.

Indoor Go Karting

Now here is something for you guys who love your F1, Need For Speed video games or even you guys who like to pretend you are Vin Diesel from The Fast & The Furious when you drive. Indoor Go Karting is a bloody fantastic, Liverpool stag day idea. Here you will be hauling ass around the track trying to prove that you are the best driver (well most probably best out of a bad bunch) and that you deserve to be standing on the podium at the end of the race. They try to really emulate a proper F1 race here and what makes it a great stag activity is that even if you come in dead last you will still have a great laugh…… and so will your mates as they make fun of you for the rest of the weekend. 

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing may sound like an odd choice for a stag day activity, but this is actually really cool. This is indoor rock climbing and there are a number of different walls for you boys to take on. They have a few walls that are ideal for you blokes who have not tired this before, who are scared of heights or are just wimps. They also have walls that Spider-Man would have a tough time with. In all this is just a really fun day out where you get to blow off a little steam by doing something physical and also making you feel like you really earned those beers in the bar later. 

The Best Liverpool Stag Night Ideas

Now this is what we are talking about! A Liverpool stag night just has to be epic and here are some of the places you guys have to check out.

Rude Lap Dancing Club

Oh yeah now this is what a Liverpool stag night is all about! Rude Lap Dancing Club is the place in the city where you are guaranteed to see some sexy ladies, sexy ladies who will not give you a slap or ask for a fiver for checking out their boobs or butt. You guys can sit in the main club and admire all the action or if you are feeling a little bit extravagant book your own VIP area and have your own private party. By bringing the groom here you are showing what great mates you are by giving him something awesome to think off when his new wife is doing his head in…….. Hey I am sure she is a super gal!

Genting Casino

I am sure that some of you boys like to think you are card sharks well put your skills to the test at Genting Casino. This is a really great casino that as well as offering things like slot machines, roulette, black jack and other types of games also has a killer bar and serves up some pretty nice food. They do offer a number of great packages here where you can get a drink, something to eat and even a little bit of money to gamble with. This is ideal if you are not too into gambling and do not want to blow a lot of money.  Just be sure that if you win, you hook the boys up with a few rounds.

Club Class Bus

If you want to see the best of what Liverpool has to offer on a night out then you guys need to make sure you are all booked on the Club Class Bus. The Club Class Bus is the ultimate pub crawl that will take you to three of the most fun bars that Liverpool has to offer In between each bar, you will be partying on the bus as there is music, nice seats, possibly a hen group and there is even a stripper pole. The staff are amazing and as well as keeping the party going will make sure none of you drunken maniacs wander off and get lost. Once you have been to the three bars, the Club Class Bus will drop you off at one of Liverpool’s best nightclubs where your whole stag group will be on the guest list……. Because that is how you roll when you are on the Club Class Bus.

Hire A Female Stripper

If you are looking for a classic, Liverpool stag night idea then booking a sexy female stripper is the way to go! You have a selection of just smoking hot ladies to pick from. Blondes, red heads, brunettes, big boobs, small boobs, tall, small no matter what kind of women the groom likes there will be a lady here who fits his “dream woman” description. Booking a stripper is a lot of fun and can be done in pretty much any location you want (well within reason of course) be it your hotel or a bar in town. Seeing a stripper is a good way to see a sexy naked lady ,but not have it take up your whole night and also ideal if you do not want to go to a lap dancing club.

Accommodation In Liverpool

Liverpool has just a ton of places to stay from classy five star hotels to more “modest” backpacking style hostels. Here are a couple of example of what kind of accommodation is available in Liverpool.

YHA Liverpool

If you are not looking for anything fancy then YHA Liverpool may be just what you are looking for. This is a “backpackers” style hostel so shared rooms and common areas are what you get, but as a base for your Liverpool stag weekend it is great as it is clean, pretty central and it is very cheap as well.

Radisson Blu

Ok so I know that the Radisson Blu may be more than most stag groups are looking to spend on accommodation, but for you guys who want to go all out and stay in a more upmarket and classy type of hotel then this is a really nice place to stay and let me tell you bringing a girl back here is way easier than if you are staying in a hostel. 

Fun Places To Eat In Liverpool

Liverpool really does spoil you when it comes to great places to eat. Here are two places where I know you boys will enjoy a good meal.

Toby Carvery

There is no better way to start your Liverpool stag weekend than with a cooked all you can eat breakfast buffet! The Toby Carvery is pretty famous all over the county for their all you can eat breakfast that is under a fiver and I say why waste time looking anywhere else when you can get a lot of food for a very cheap price here. 

Red Hot World Buffet

Offering food from all over the world and an all you can eat buffet, Red Hot World Buffet is a place where you know every single bloke in your stag group is going to be happy even that awkward sod who is a fussy eater. They have food from all over the world here and it is pretty damn cheap as well. 




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