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Tiger Tiger has eight different themed bars all under one roof and by booking here you are able to shoot to the front of the line and avoid freezing your ass off outside waiting to get in!
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Manchester Stag Night in Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger has eight different themed bars all under one roof and by booking here you are able to shoot to the front of the line and avoid freezing your ass of outside waiting to get in!

Key Features

Now one of the issues that many stag parties have is that the second you get a few people involved chances that you are going to find somewhere that caters to all your different tastes and styles is pretty much impossible…… or is it! Located in the middle of the Manchester club scene, Tiger Tiger aims to make sure that once you are in here there is no need to go elsewhere as this huge place has eight different areas all catering to a different style for you guys to party the night away.

Each area of this place has a different kind of music. So you if one of you guys likes to party to all the 90’s dance style hits then you can go and hang out in an area that will play nothing, but that! If you want to go a little further back to the days of Billy Ocean and when Michael Jackson was black then there is an 80’s themed area as well. No matter what kind of music or vibe you dig you will be taken care of here in Tiger Tiger. The bars in here all have their own theme a well as music for example we have the Kaz Bar which is pretty spectacular and comfortable room to hang out in. But then there is the famous Groovy Wonderland which is known all over the city for its crazy light up dance floor. If you have the dance moves or at least think you do, then you need to party in here.

Of course the main reason that you come to Tiger Tiger is to party and drink just an ungodly amount of alcohol. Speaking of which as there are a ton of bars in here, you are never going to be waiting too long to get a drink. Tiger Tiger as well as offering plenty of booze and a great atmosphere to party also has a decent choice when it comes to food. I know that some people see food as something that gets in the way of their drinking on a stag do, but hey at least its hear if you want it.

Now you may be thinking that why would I want to go to the effort to book in advance when I can just roll up with the stag party? Well the reason is simple. You get put on the guest list and get straight in the place! No lines, no messing around, no “talking” with bouncers and just no hassle at all. When you are on the list you just stroll right on in and that is why you need to book this as your stag do event.

To get on the guest list you need to have at least six people in your stag party, but also you must be there by 23:00.

Reasons Why This Is A Great Stag Do Event

his has 8 different venues under the one roof! Where else can you find this kind of variety in one place?

Great food, drink and an amazing atmosphere make this one of the most popular clubs in Manchester.

No waiting in line when you are a VIP baby!!

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