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Ha Ha- Who would ever have that shoving the Stag off a cliff would make a great Stag day outing. Here in Manchester this abseiling is a bit hit with the northern sense of humour- what about you?
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Abseiling Stag Day Idea

Want to feel like Sylvester Stallone in the movie Cliffhanger, wait you have never seen Cliffhanger? Anyway if you are looking for an outdoor activity that as well as being a great laugh, but is also on the physical side then see some of the most picturesque areas of Manchester as you abseil down the challenging rock face!

Key Features

These days more people are wanting a little bit of adventure on their stag do and that is what you are getting here. It’s one thing to sit in a pub on a night out, but a real stag do and one that the groom and the rest of you guys will remember forever needs to have a stand out event and that is what you get with abseiling. So have some fun abseiling and then when you are all sore, tired and bruised you can heal your wounds in the pub.

There are many different kinds of rock faces that will be thrown your way, well not literally you are not going to have people throwing rocks at you so do not worry about that. They will start you off fairly simply letting you get the hang of how things work and telling you how to move down the rock face at a good rate and be safe. But there are also some more challenging parts that will have you need to think fast and navigate tricky areas and even parts where you will have to deal with flowing water as well. Abseiling is a real test of not just your physical strength which is part of it. But the main part of being good at abseiling is keeping you nerve and thinking about each step before you take it. So while this is a pretty physically demanding activity it’s not just for the super fit.

The people who will be with you on your abseiling adventure know that you guys are here to have a great time and they will see to it that you do, but they are also highly trained and have years of abseiling experience. So you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands as you climb down the rock face. You will be allowed to go at your own pace and no mater your skill level they will make sure you manage to get to the bottom of the rock face.

As I am sure you would expect they will provide all the equipment for you so all the safety equipment like helmets, vests and other stuff will be there ready for you. You need to have at least eight people in your stag party and you are looking at around three hours for the whole abseiling adventure be done. They offer three start times of 9:00, 13:00 and 17:00. If you are planning on hitting the town afterwards you will want to book fairly far in advance so you can get one of the earlier times.

Reasons Why Abseiling Is A Great Stag Do Event

Abseiling is a real test of mental and physical strength so it’s a great way to push yourself to the limit.

You get a real sense of adventure and you will feel like you are Indiana Jones as your are traversing the different areas.

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