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Archery requires a steady hand, determination and co-ordination something that might not be in abundance after the Stag night. Whatever- it is still a great laugh as part of a Stag Day in Manchester
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Archery Stag Do Idea Manchester

If you are looking for a stag do event that is going to get you outdoors for a while before you guys hit the town then come to this amazing archery site in Cheshire which is regarded as one of the best in the country. If you ever wanted to pretend you were in Lord Of The Rings then this is your chance!

Key Features

Let me tell you right now that if you are looking for a stag do event that is short on time, but big on fun and that has a competitive edge, then my friends you have just found it. Archery is a really cool activity as its one that pretty much anyone can do! Now I for one second am not saying that archery is easy. Well the principles of it and being able to actually shoot an arrow are, but actually hitting the bulls eye is going to require some real skill………. Or in most cases what happens is one guy hits the bulls eye by fluke and then spends the rest of the night acting like he is Robin Hood.

You get a real sense of the country here with over 200 acres of some of the finest country side that Cheshire has to offer. You will be playing, doing, taking part actually what is the word for “doing” archery? Anyway you will be at a place that has actually been built with archery in mind. So you will be using the very best equipment and you will also be getting tutored and getting advice from people who have been taking part in archery for years. They will make sure that you know what the right way to shoot the arrow is. Of course you will probably not take any notice and just blindly fire the arrow, but that is fun too!

The thing about archery is that really it’s pretty easy to nail the target. After all the target is pretty freaking big, but it’s all about hitting that red circle in the middle. If you want the bragging rights that is what you need to hit. Many stag groups will make a game of it where the person who scores the highest does not have to pay for their drinks when they hit the town later that night. In all archery is just a really fun and chilled out stag do activity and one I am sure you will have a great deal of fun with.

You need to have at least six people in your stag group to make a booking here and the first booking of the day is always at 10:00 so ring nice and early to try and get the time that you want. You are looking at an hour of archery which is plenty of time to have some fun.

Reasons Why Archery Is A Great Stag Do Event

Archery is awesome as while it does require some serious skill. There is also the chance someone is going to get a fluky high score as well.

This while pretty fun and adventurous is not physically demanding activity so it’s something that your whole stag group will be able to do.

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