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Add the ever successful Clay Pigeon Shooting to your Manchester Stag Day Itinerary. Competitive, exciting and great fun- what an experience for your Stag Day
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Clay Pigeon Shooting Manchester Stag

Look we all know that shooting a gun is awesome and makes you feel like a big man, but this clay pigeon shooting centre offers that and so much more! If you want to do a manly mans, manly type of man activity then this is the one for you.

Key Features

Let’s face it in the UK there is no shortage of places you can go clap pigeon shooting, but whey settle when you can come to the heart of the Botany Bay Woods and see this amazing place that is part of over 400 acres of land. This is the best place in Manchester and arguably the whole UK when it comes to clay pigeon shooting.

What makes this the perfect place to go clay pigeon shooting for a stag group is that they cater to people of all skill levels. Before you actually start, each member of your stag group will be given the chance to have a few practice shots to see what their skill level is at and also what kind of gun they should use. They have a wide variety of guns some of which have a very low recoil which are perfect for beginners or people who are finding it tough, but they also have some pretty big, bad ass guns that can just blow a clay pigeon into a million pieces. The guys here are great at judging what kind of gun you should be using to make sure you are having the most fun possible. Let’s face it if you can’t aim or shoot properly then clay pigeon shooting is not all that fun. Thanks to how well this place is run and organised you will not have that issue here at all.

This place is huge and they make use of the latest clay pigeon shooting technologies. They have amazing traps that will blast those clay pigeons into the air for you to take down. Also there are towers which are at over 100 feet high and they even shoot the clay pigeons from that crazy height! So if you fancy yourself as something of a sharpshooter then you will want to try this out as you really need to have eagle eyes to take them down when they are that high.

This place is just amazing, there is a huge car park and there is even a café where you can grab a drink and a bite to eat also.

Each member of your stag group will get 25 clays to blast out of the sky. In all you are looking at about 90 minutes for the whole event to be done. Of course this is not counting if you stay for a drink afterwards. If you do want to have a drink after your shooting then make sure you let them know when you book.

Reasons Why Clay Pigeon Shooting Is A Great Stag Do Event

These guys make sure each person has a gun that they can handle to make sure you have the best chance of shooting the clays.

The high towers mean that you can shoot the clay pigeons when they are at an extreme height.

With food and drink available you can easily spend a good few hours here before you hit the pubs and clubs.

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